NFS Carbon - Randomizer by RaTT

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NFS Carbon - Randomizer

NFS Carbon - Randomizer By RaTT

Hello! The NFS Carbon Randomizer Executable generates a nfsms file that you have to
use NFS VLT-Ed by nfsu360 to import and save the changes.

This modscript randomizes the following:
- Career Races
- Career Rewards
- Boss Cars
- Challenge Series Cars
- Crew Acquisitions
- Starter Cars

For Randomizer discussions & Bug reports, please join this discord server:

- Vanilla game, no major mod has support for this. (maybe impmod would work on this, as long as the career is untouched)
- a x64 or x86 bit OS
- Ultimate ASI Loader (modified dinput8.dll, can be found within ExOpts or Widescreen Fix)


1.0: Release Fixed 8_2_1, 8_2_2 and 8_2_3 repeating twice each resulting in the same race
appearing twice.
- Fixed AI generated Boss Cars
- Fixed some quick race canyon sprints having no opponents or 7 opponents.
- Added Starter car randomization.
- Added Territory rewards randomization.

RaTT - Developpement
nfsu360 - VLTEd
maxhwoy - ASI script


Raverz12345 (March 12, 2020 @ 23:17)
When I modscript the file & save it, I open NFSC in Windowed mode & I'm surprised it was random. Now I have to race the hidden tracks in career. That's cool

Uploaded at: March 11, 2020 @ 18:59


0d1dbc-NFS Carbon - Randomizer (Size: 9.06MB) Latest Version
d8b4fa-NFS Carbon - Randomizer (Size: 9.06MB) Old Version
3d7d0c-NFS Carbon - Randomizer (Size: 9.05MB) Old Version