Aston Martin Vulcan [addon] - Binary Update by TiSonic

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Aston Martin Vulcan [addon] - Binary Update

Aston Martin Vulcan [Addon] - Binary update
by Ti-Sonic
For NFS Prostreet

This car is converted from RR3 and FH4.
Replace : Nothing

Both Extended Customisation mod & Binary 2.9.0 are required, since 2.9.0 solves a bug present in 2.8.3:
Binary 2.9.0
[NFSPS] Extended Customization

Fixes brought by this update:
- EdTcd has been deprecated long ago, so this new update now relies mostly on Binary.
- Car mod now supports all languages.
- Performance got changed again for certain modes, such as:

Grip : no changes, that one will stay as it is.

Drift : Power has been re-scaled, along with how the car behaves. You want to make it drift, you'll have to go full bananas with the upgrades, otherwise grip will have the last word.

Speed Challenge : Power re-scaled, along with the car handling. This time, grip won't be your enemy, but the bumps. The sky is your limit.

Drag: Aston Martin called, the drag tranmission broke. So the car now re-uses it's previous 6-gear gearbox, but with improved final drive ratio. Also included with a speed limiter pushed backn
and globally, a whole rework of the suspensions values. Wanted it to be at least smoother, guess the game hated me for doing that.

Known side-effects or bugs:
Keep in mind this new performance was done on a vanilla version of the game, so if you use any mods that alters stuff like handling, it may or may not be proprely balanced.
The changes i make may not please everyone, if it doesn't please you, do not use the mod. Simple as that, will save you time too.
The car has received no model updates yet, as the main goal was to make it Binary-usable, but stay tuned, chances are never zero.

Make backups of your original files.
I'm not reponsible if anything happens and you didn't make any backups before installing the mod.

Install / Uninstall process :
1. Unpack the archive.
2. Run "Ast_Vulcan.end" using Binary in User mode, and point it to your game folder.
3. Select if you want to install the mod or uninstall it, then let Binary do the work for you
4. When asked, click "Yes" to save files, click "No" when you're asked if you wanna run the game right now.
5. Using Vlt-Ed, select "Ast_Vulcan.nfsms" and install it, then save using Ctrl+S.
6. Enjoy the game.

The use of that mod in any kind of modpack isn't allowed.
And i won't provide any help if someone happen to not understand that.

Those people or modpacks especially, are blacklisted from any use:
Rebalance Mod (VK)
Nikita Stepanov
If you're one of those who like to add mods in packs, and then asks for credit after, you're no better than these people.

Also,I'll provide no update or support of any kind for OGVI users.
Those who want to have that that will either have to wait for support from trusted modders, or do it themselves.

However, if you happen to encounter an issue (one that's currently unknown to me) please to report it, and i'll fix it ASAP.

Oleg - Zmodeler
MaxHwoy for Binary
rx and nlgzrgn for making updates and support of games for Binary
DMN, Gameloft Games ,Firemonkeys - meshes & textures
Me - some textures
Nfsu360 - CTK 2.7 / Vlt-Ed 4.6
Eclipse72Rus - For introducing me into NFSPS modding, to which i'll always be grateful.

I hope you'll enjoy it !


SemKill (April 17, 2024 @ 14:56)
The man is back

Uploaded at: March 18, 2020 @ 21:07


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