Jaguar XJ220 [addon] - Binary Update [PERFORMANCE FIX COMING] by TiSonic

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Jaguar XJ220 [addon] - Binary Update [PERFORMANCE FIX COMING]

Jaguar XJ220 [Addon] - Binary update
by Ti-Sonic
For NFS Prostreet

Car from RR3/Asphalt 8 Airborne
Replace : Nothing

Both Extended Customisation mod & Binary 2.9.0 are required, since 2.9.0 solves a bug present in 2.8.3:
Binary 2.9.0
[NFSPS] Extended Customization

Fixes brought by this update:
- EdTcd has been deprecated long ago, so this new update now relies mostly on Binary.
- The car, while in garage has been lowered a bit.
- The car also received a fix for both Quick Upgrade packages. (for some reason, game might display a weird-ass menu)
- Performance of the car has been nerfed, and speed limiter has been brought down, mostly in Grip mode.
- Performance of the car has been slightly buffed in Drag mode, to compensate.
- The car had weird weight repartition, mostly on the front bias. This has been now fixed.
- Car received support for all languages, both Chinese versions and Russian ones got added last because i forgot about them.

Issues to fix:

18-04-2024 :
- Due to an error on my end, the mod may have installed some files proprely causing it to create a new folder called "ModFiles" inside of the game you choose to install the mod. Will reverify the installation script.
- Car's performance will be fixed mostly for Grip mode and Drag mode, as counter-steering may end up being delayed or feel unresponsive. Speed Challenge might receive a few tweaks.

The car has received no model updates, as the main goal was to make it Binary-usable, but stay tuned, chances are never zero.
The car may not appear for everyone in the garage. While I made sure to make it so that doesn't happen to anyone, another mod soon-to-be uploaded will allow you to manage your cars in a more easier way.
The Manufacturer logo isn't displayed for some reason, a fix is also on the way.
Make backups of your original files.
I'm not reponsible if anything happens and you didn't make any backups before installing the mod.

Install / Uninstall process :
1. Unpack the archive.
2. Run "Jag_XJ220.end" using Binary in User mode, and point it to your game folder.
3. Select if you want to install the mod or uninstall it, then let Binary do the work for you
4. When asked, click "Yes" to save files, click "No" when you're asked if you wanna run the game right now.
5. Using Vlt-Ed, select "Jag_XJ220.nfsms" and install it, then save using Ctrl+S.
6. Enjoy the game.

The use of that mod in any kind of modpack isn't allowed.
And i won't provide any help if someone happen to not understand that.

Those people or modpacks especially, are blacklisted from any use:
Rebalance Mod (VK)
Nikita Stepanov
If you're one of those who like to add mods in packs, and then asks for credit after, you're no better than these people.

Also,I'll provide no update or support of any kind for OGVI users.
Those who want to have that that will either have to wait for support from trusted modders, or do it themselves.

However, if you happen to encounter an issue (one that's currently unknown to me) please to report it, and i'll fix it ASAP.

Oleg - Zmodeler
MaxHwoy for Binary
rx and nlgzrgn for making updates and support of games for Binary
DMN, Gameloft Games ,Firemonkeys - meshes & textures
Me - some textures
Nfsu360 - CTK 2.7 / Vlt-Ed 4.6
Eclipse72Rus - For introducing me into NFSPS modding, to which i'll always be grateful.

I hope you'll enjoy it !


fasdasd (April 12, 2020 @ 17:31)
This is broken. First I tried installing as my last addon mod for the game which of course didn't work. The car doesn't show up. Then I tried installing on a fresh game and now I just get an error trying to add the mod on ED-TCD: "Resource file cannot be found: Resources\NFSPS\Global\BCHUNKCARINFOARRAY.bin"

Uploaded at: March 20, 2020 @ 06:07