Powerful NOS Mod by ethereal. (Me)

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Powerful NOS Mod

Powerful NOS Mod

Hello. This is my nos mod that i made back in 2018 and i thought why not upload it here in case someone wants to use it.
With that title someone might think that it's completely broken but i think it's not.
What has changed:
-NOS capacity has been doubled.
-NOS needs 10 seconds to START recharging.
-Recharge time from empty bottle to full is now 30 secs.
-Torque boost has been tripled.
Also there is an important note in the rar file.
Lastly, here is a video that shows what this NOS mod does:


Instructions on how to install my mod
  • 1) Open VltEd.
  • 2) At the top left click File.
  • 3) Import ---> ModScript.
  • 4) Select the "Powerful NOS Mod" nfsms file and click Install.
  • 5) Click File again and then click Save.


imp3rial (March 23, 2020 @ 22:59)
Yeah man. Whatever i guess. :D

JZ3671 (March 23, 2020 @ 17:45)
there is an infinite nitrous mod that can be used along with your mod too

imp3rial (March 23, 2020 @ 12:18)
Can't for now. Sorry.

Johnlong (March 23, 2020 @ 11:53)
Make Carbon/Prostreet/Undercover Edition?

imp3rial (March 22, 2020 @ 21:43)
Hey everybody. It's a relief honestly that there hasn't been any comment(s) on my mod because it probably means that noone has gotten any gamebreaking issues or corrupt data using my mod.

Uploaded at: March 21, 2020 @ 22:05