Lada VAZ Fixed Pack (x10) by Yura Pimenov

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Underground 2

Lada VAZ Fixed Pack (x10)


This is a pack of 10 quite old Ladas for NFS U2 with various fixes.

- added missing secondary logos

- fixed 'duplicated' primary logos that are caused by cars of the same brand (I re-made
the .u2car files to use the VW logo - there's only one car of that brand in U2 and one of the cars
in this pack replaces it)

- the LADA 2109 (centre side) stock color is changed to black because it
originally belongs to a famous tuning man Alexey Vazhenin from Ekaterinburg

(!!!)This mod works correctly only with the U.S. version of U2(!!!)
(!!!)Find the logo textures in FRONTB.lzc by ID - it's shown in the filename(!!!)
(!!!)If you see invalid mipmap count while importing logos - just answer Yes(!!!)

Tools to install this mod:
- NFS Cfg-Installer - install the stock colors, primary logos and wheel positions

- NFS TexEd 0.9.1 - install the logo textures

- Unlimiter - do not forget to set ExpandMemoryPools to 1 (!!!)


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Uploaded at: March 25, 2020 @ 14:16