1999 Nissan Silvia Spec.R (S15) [ADDON] by r1tavratask1

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

1999 Nissan Silvia Spec.R (S15) [ADDON]

Car Name
1999 Nissan Silvia Spec.R (S15) (SILVIAS15)

Supported Method
Addon only

Replaced Car

[Change Log]

26/03/2020 - Released
27/03/2020 - Custom part doesn't appeared (Fixed)

  • Ignore the "delete_node" error in Vlt-Ed. I include the "delete_node" in case someone using my old S15 and wanna use this one instead.

Custom Parts
  • Download both old version & latest version file, then install the base file first (the old version).
  • Then install the "Custom Part Fix" by dropping the "CARS" folder into your NFS: MW Folder
  • Enjoy your Custom Part :q

Non-Custom Parts
  • Just install the old version & you're good to go ;)


  • Bodykits (Stock + 5 Body)
  • Hoods (With Racing Seats & Rollcage)
  • Spoilers (Custom spoiler included)
  • Roof Scoops (Police light bar on #2 roof scoops slot)

  • Vinyls (9 Stripes & 11 Unique)
  • Decals
  • Number

  • Police Light! (Install Extra Options to use this feature)
  • NFS: Pro Street driver
  • Available as starter car
  • Cost 17.500
  • Changeable License Plate with Tex-Ed
  • HD Secondary Logo
  • 512x & 1024x Vinyl
  • Vinyl debug included (Inside the Vinyls.bin)

[Unique Vinyls List]
  • Worthouse Drift Team
  • Alternate Verison of Worthouse Drift Team
  • F&F Tokyo Drift Monalisa
  • Evil Empire Drift Team
  •  潇洒 GTA V S15 Paintjob Replica
  • Indonesian Police Inspired Livery
  • 4 NFS Shift 2 Livery
  • MW Carbonfiber Wrap

[Tools Used]
  • ASC's MW Geometry Compiler
  • ASC's nfstc_argb_dxt5
  • nfsu360's NFS: U2/MW Texture Compiler
  • arushan's Vlt-Ed
  • MWInside's ReCompiler
  • ZModeler 1.0.7 & 2.2.6
  • GIMP 2.10.8
  • CorelDraw X7
  • Notepad
  • MS Paint
  • [email protected]'s BIN Viewer

  • arushan
  • Oleg
  • ASC
  • nlgzrgn
  • nfsu360
  • [email protected]
  • LRF Works
  • MWInside
  • FOX
  • RaTT
  • YochiThMaster333
  • Eclipse72 rus
  • AJ_Lethal


r1tavratask1 (April 03, 2020 @ 23:34)
@jankovarcik Umm, which version do you use? 512x / 1024x? Idk why it can't appeared on your pc, I mean, it should be appear if the vinyls.bin file is already inside the CARS/SILVIAS15 folder

jankovarcik (April 02, 2020 @ 02:14)
@r1tavratask yeah but I can not see the unique ones as well, that's the problem. But I mean it's whatever, it's still a really cool mod even without the vinyls. :)

r1tavratask1 (April 01, 2020 @ 15:52)
@jankovarcik The only available Vinyls are Stripes & Unique.

jankovarcik (April 01, 2020 @ 12:03)
Hey mate for some reason I can't see any vinyls? Is there something else I need to install to see them? Installed both the main and custom part file.

r1tavratask1 (March 29, 2020 @ 11:37)
@igu Hello, can you speak a more understandable language please? The only thing I can understand from your comment is "Onde". "Onde" or "Onde-onde" mean a cake right here. I think you doesn't meant to say that --