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by MaxHwoy


Binary is a tool for editing Need for Speed binary files (.BIN, .BUN, .LZC).

Currently supported games are:
- Need for Speed: Underground 1
- Need for Speed: Underground 2
- Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)
- Need for Speed: Carbon
- Need for Speed: Prostreet
- Need for Speed: Undercover

This tool is capable of, and not limited to, editing the following files:
- Global files (GlobalA & GlobalB, and so on)
- Frontend files (FrontA, FrontB, and so on)
- InGame files (InGameA, InGameB, and so on)
- Texture files (Textures.bin)
- MiniMap files (Mini_Map_X.bin)
- Vinyl files (Vinyls.bin)
- NIS files (textures only)

Tools is not capable of, and not limited to, editing the following files:
- Vlt files (attributes.bin, fe_attrib.bin, and so on)
- Sound files
- Geometry files (Geometry.bin)
- Memcard files (Localization .loc files)
- Movie files (.vp6)

The tool has two standard usage types: User and Modder. User type is pretty straight-forward and requires
from app's user to only select launcher endscript and game directory. Modder type contains user interface
and sub editors for editing files and advanced usage, but requires password that can be found in the
my discord server (see below).

! Do not remove .dll libraries from the app's directory! They are important for the app to function properly.

Installation and basic usage:

! Before installation, make sure that you have installed .NET Core Desktop Runtime 3.1 (x86) or higher. Remember that you have to install x86, not x64, in order to have the app working.

! If you are using Windows 7, I recommend you to install the KB4474419 update for it (thanks AJ_Lethal).

! If you are getting errors about LZCompressLib failing to load, install all VC Redists (x86) for 2015+ years.

Endscript -> file with .end extension that contains script lines and is used by Binary to make changes to files.

Now you can use Binary to install any endscript mod for it. Just follow these steps:

1) Copy the files anywhere on your PC.
2) Run "Binary.exe" as administrator.
3) Select left big red icon with 3 users as the icon.
4) Select main installation .end script provided by the mod you wish to install.
5) Select game directory you wish to install mod for.
6) After installing the mod confirm saving changes.
7) If you wish, you could run the game right away.


To access "Modder" side of the tool, as well as to learn about upcoming mods, get support, report bugs, and get
full documentation and usage, as well as endscript commands, tags, etc, join my discord server! Note that it is not required but extremely adviced to join in order to keep all modders in touch in case of upcoming updates and support issues.

Official Discord Server


Changelog: (+ Addition, ! Change, - Deletion)
! Fixed AcidEffect and AcidEmitter for Underground 2 support again...
+ Added new dehashes car part attribute: LANGUAGEHASHABR.
+ Added new command: import_all (imports all files from a folder specified).
+ Added option to select resolution in which vector vinyls should be exported.
+ Endscript lines that start with '{' and '}' are now ignored, too.
! Now you can "../" or "..\" prefixes to modder endscript directories to avoid specifying drives and full paths.

+ Added Undercover support (credit: nlgzrgn).
+ Added TexturePages to all TPKBlocks.
+ Added a menu option to install SpeedReflect ASI.
! Binary now throws errors when files fail to load or save.
+ All export as Serialized now save data uncompressed.
+ Added parallel loading and saving for files.
! Fixed AcidEmitter, AcidEffect for Underground 2 support.
! Fixed Material for Most Wanted support.
+ Dehashed car part attribute: COMPLEXTARGET.
+ Added Scroll settings for textures, ClassName and MipmapBiasInt.
+ Added real time to status label showing when files were loaded/saved.
! Now copied DBModelCarPart is being displayed right under original one.
+ STRBlocks now can be copied just like regular collections.
! Vector vinyls are now being exported in 4k resolution with correct stroke.
+ LZCompressLib now supports RFPK compression type (credit: nlgzrgn).



Coded by:
- MaxHwoy

Undercover support by:
- nlgzrgn

Biggest thanks to:
- 379Felipe for testing and resources.
- heyitsleo for great help.

Great thanks to the tester team:
- 379Felipe
- Aceofsquares3
- Avalanche
- CheapAssVideos
- Elven
- GhostRider
- rx
- konigsseg
- elaymm4
- Lexal
- Miles Dipperion
- Miner
- MrAdam
- nlgzrgn
- RaTT
- Red_Fire
- rnz
- trackmaniamatt
- Neon
- Zyr3X


© 2021 MaxHwoy, all rights reserved. Do not distribute/modify this package without proper permission.


Detto02 (April 18, 2024 @ 19:34)
How can I uninstall a mod that I installed through Binary? I can't find a way to uninstall or delete it. Help.

gonnofonfsqopqnf12124enpwo (January 22, 2024 @ 17:14)
i installed net core and all dll files but this is not launching, L program

NoobRotten17 (January 08, 2024 @ 14:37)
@senpaidarken can't find 2.9.0 version. where do i get?

senpaidarken (December 28, 2023 @ 13:11)
Download rx's 2.9.0 update instead of this.

unk0wnu53r (October 28, 2023 @ 20:10)
How can I access to modder mode? I wanted to add a Vinyl for Extended Customization.

Uploaded at: April 10, 2020 @ 03:09