Some NFS World sounds for Undercover by therazorkille

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Some NFS World sounds for Undercover


Hey all,

After seeing Kai M's tutorial on porting NFS World sounds to ProStreet and Undercover, I decided to do this for some of the sounds, since the vanilla sounds on some cars were horribly inaccurate.

Sounds in this mod:
lam_murc640_a+lam_murc640_a_eng: Murcielago LP640 stock sound (used by LP650-4 Roadster in NFS World)
lam_murc640_b+lam_murc640_b_eng: Murcielago LP640 upgraded sound (used by LP670-4 SV in NFS World)
mcl_f1_a+mcl_f1_a_eng: McLaren F1 stock and upgraded sound
mer_sl65_c+mer_sl65_c_eng: Veyron stock and upgraded sound (same as in NFS World)
pag_zon_b+pag_zon_b_eng: Zonda F stock and upgraded sound (used by Zonda Cinque in NFS World)

This mod also reassigns the Audi TT and Golf R32 to use vw_r32_a+vw_r32_a_eng for stock and upgraded sounds, and reassigns the DB9 to use the stock sound for upgraded (but upgraded should be a little louder).

Version 1.0: Initial release
Version 1.1: Changed sound for the McLaren F1 hot car to use McLaren F1 sounds instead of LP640 sounds. I don't know why they made it like this... EA logic (TM).

KNOWN ISSUES: On some sounds, I had to use the ai sample, rather than the player sample. I'm not sure what causes the sound to disappear on some sounds when using the player sample, but I'll be looking into it.

INSTALLATION: Extract the archive wherever you want, I personally use 7zip. Copy the SOUND folder to the game folder, and then use VLT-Ed to install sounds.nfsms.'


Kai M for showing this to the world.
nfsu360 for VLT-Ed
EA Black Box for NFS Undercover and NFS World
Anyone else?


Kai (April 13, 2020 @ 20:25)
Awesome! Nice work! 👍

Uploaded at: April 12, 2020 @ 03:45