NFSUG2 Lightweight Handling Mod by Elven

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NFSUG2 Lightweight Handling Mod

NFS UG2 Lighweight Handling mod v.1.04

This mod aims to make every car in the game more balanced and, at the very least, useful in singleplayer. All vanilla cars, except traffic, have been adjusted in this version. It affects full stage 3 cars the most, but even a full stage 1 setup will behave differently.


Weight reduction reduces weight a lot more on every car, particularly cars that have a high stock weight such as the Pontiac GTO, Infiniti G35, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R etc.

Tire upgrades and suspension upgrades are also changed, and many cars gain more power from either some or all power upgrades such as Engine/ECU/Turbo.

SUVs gain more power from upgrades, but their handling remains mostly the same.

Minor fixes:

Supra's stock weight adjusted to match the naturally aspirated model's weight (The car is now lighter without weight reduction)
RX-8's stock weight adjusted to be closer to real life (the car is slightly heavier without weight reduction)
Corolla's transmission now stays fully RWD at all upgrade levels
Hummer's stock front/rear power distribution is now the same as the other SUVs for consistency
Hummer's transmission upgrades no longer make the car's AWD power distribution more rear biased

1.04 changes:
Binary install now uses Binary V2
AWD cars are more stable under braking now
Corolla slight engine power upgrade nerf

For changes in previous versions see Readme.txt


All sponsor cars now feature Stage 3 upgrades.


You can install the mod using two methods:

a) Simple installation (If you haven't installed any mods yet and /or don't know how to use Binary)

Put the entire GLOBAL folder into your game directory. It contains GLOBALA.Bun and GlobalB.lzc, so make backups of those.

b) Binary installation (If you have already installed mods, for example Olympic Imports, and want to keep them)

1.Get Binary v2.20 or newer by MaxHwoy.
2.Launch Binary as administrator.
3.Select user mode on the left
4.Browse to find main launcher.end and select it
5.Browse to your NFS Underground 2 directory, then click Ok
6.Click Ok when mod installs successfully
7.Click Yes when prompted to save files

-MaxHwoy for Binary, making this mod possible.
-gRiMBMW for testing help


Zethras (January 25, 2023 @ 19:36)
Sadly no, the only way to uninstall this crap is either making a backup of your modded game beforehand and restore that, or to reinstall and mod the game from scratch again

Pluvillion (January 22, 2023 @ 01:50)
No uninstallation method?

Zethras (January 19, 2023 @ 12:03)
This mod basically breaks the game, do yourself a favor and avoid this like the plague. With this mod installed some cars are rendered basically useless, even on easy difficulty. I was doing a drag race just minutes ago, picked a full upgraded 106 and ended up second with +4 seconds from the winner, whereas in the base game I could win with 4/5 seconds to spare, against the same cars. Definetely not recommended

AMR55 (January 27, 2021 @ 06:30)
How can I uninstall the mod?

MrTuning (July 18, 2020 @ 15:45)
Where can I get Binary?

Uploaded at: April 23, 2020 @ 18:54


2ddbd9-NFSUG2 Lightweight Handling Mod v.1.04.rar (Size: 2.26MB) Latest Version
5edad2-NFSUG2 Lightweight Handling Mod v.1.03.rar (Size: 2.28MB) Old Version
c30576-NFSUG2 Lightweight Handling Mod v.1.02.rar (Size: 2.28MB) Old Version