NFSMW - Beta Content Mod by elaymm4 (and lots of good people)

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NFSMW - Beta Content Mod

NFS Most Wanted (2005) - Beta Content Mod

A mod that returns almost every cut content from NFS Most Wanted (2005).
People saw a lot of things that were changed during the development of this game.
This mod restores a huge amount of beta content from all available sources that we have. Beta cars, races, menus, cops, etc.

NOTE: Install ONLY ON A COMPLETELY CLEAN GAME (recommended US/English 1.3 release with RELOADED crack). This mod DOESN'T SUPPORT ALMOST EVERYTHING, because it changes almost everything.

For sure supported mods:
  • Widescreen Fix
  • HD Reflections
  • HUD Resizer
  • HUD Adapter

Gameplay snippets, that shows some interesting things from the mod
Sources & Materials

Mod can be installed in two different ways. Here's what each type of installation gives you:
>> Easy installation: Just unpack everything to the freshly-installed game and that's it.
>> Complex installation: Gives you a lot of optionality, but will take quite some time and brains to install.

======== CHANGES LIST ========
NOTE: Some of the changes listed here can be obtained only through "Complex method" installation!

==== VERSION 1.1 - 1.1.2 ====
------ CARS ------
  • RX8 Speed-T now has proper model (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Some traffic cars can now sometimes carry a cut trafcamper (thanks to 379Felipe)
  • Fixed light markers on trafcamper (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Remake of beta Rhino SUV (by Red_Fire)
  • Some traffic cars now have 3d lights with glass tints (thanks to 379Felipe)
  • Original models for beta cruisers were ported from OPM Demo thanks to 379Felipe and nfsu360's support for them in last version of CarToolkit
  • With original models of beta cruiser you will now see it even in busted scene
  • Optionally in complex installer you can enable orange lights on the back of beta cruisers
  • Beta helicopter was ported from OPM Demo and fixed by Red_Fire and Miner
  • Porsche Cayman S now has standard spoiler mount
  • just like in OPM demo (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Another version of traffic wagon, seen in prologue movie scene. Remake by Red_Fire
  • Antennas were added for Mustang GT (stock and some kits) and BMW M3 GTR E46 (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • BMW M3 GTR E46 now has stance from beta
  • BMW M3 GTR E46 now has colored spoiler
  • BMW M3 GTR E46 now has more beta textures (thanks to r033)
  • 2002 version of Porsche 911 GT2 instead of 2004 one (2002 features colored side mirrors and spoiler, 911 Turbo wheels)
  • Different exhaust position/shape for Pontiac GTO, Impreza WRX, Mustang GT, Cayman S, RX8 and Evo 8 (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Different kit 1 & 3 for Cayman S, kit 5 for Corvette C6 (thanks to Red_Fire & AlbinoBuffalo_80)
  • Beta paints. Body paints, vinyl paints, rim paints (including pearl ones) and window tints
  • Cut decals (TYC, StreetGlow, ROTA Wheels, Plasmaglow, NOS, Lexani, Falken, DONZ (+different version of FastBrakes)
  • Re-done remake of Bull's vinyl
  • One more beta license plate was added, a WIP version of release one from "Sex On Wheels" interview (available as option through Complex installation)
  • One more generic body flame vinyl was added from OPM Demo (thanks to Binary tool)
  • Fixed collision for Skyline, now with modded bodykits it won't levitate above the ground

------ USER INTERFACE ------
  • You can choose beta custom colors for Speedo/Gauge either from OPM Demo, or from Alpha 124 (Easy installation includes on OPM Demo ones)
  • Destroying police vehicles will now result in getting combo multiplier, just like in Alpha 124
  • Removed lap count option from cashgrab's quick race track settings screen (it was useless anyway)

------ GAMEPLAY ------
  • Cashgrab race intro now has custom cinematic camera movements
  • Some pursuit breaker cinematic cameras are now from beta
  • 4 different versions of tollbooth intro ("Early" one is chosen for Easy Installation)
  • Unused/Cut busted scenes are now possible to get (thanks to nlgzrgn)
  • Fixed autosave bug for Challenge Series mode
  • Fixed completion status issue for Cashgrab races. Now you can have some money and records!
  • Fixed checkpoint radiuses for Sonny's Lap K.O race

------ OTHER ------
  • Cutscenes no longer require you to press any button after they're finished (thanks to Zyphir)
  • Complex method installation no longer requires doing that much of manual work (thanks to Binary tool)

==== VERSION 1.0 - 1.0.8 ====
------ GRAPHICS ------
  • Added beta shader materials from OPM(PS2) Demo (Including vehicle paints)
  • Restored old headlight and brakelight flares (headlight flare has rainbow ring from UG2)
  • E3 blown-engine effect
  • Tire smoke from OPM(PS2) Demo

------ ENVIRONMENT ------
  • Added some beta textures for menu interiors (Safehouse, Main Menu Scene) from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Added some beta textures in the world (Red containers, Bus-stop banner, Big banner ads, etc)
  • Restored beta barrier textures from Tournament demo
  • Added beta icon markers in the world (like safehouse, speedtrap, etc.) from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Other world particles (including real Gas explosion) from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • [Not confirmed] Earliest race finishline flares effect
  • Minor changes in world place (car lot, garage, etc) positions
  • [Not canonic] Traffic from drag races are added to the free roam and normal races
  • World object reactions (Ex.: How much speed you need to hit object, will it fly, etc)
  • GPS arrow is now red

------ CARS ------
  • Added beta window damage texture
  • Added beta License Plate texture (City of Rosewood)
  • Restored yellow tint on headlights of BMW M3 GTR E46 ALMS
  • Added beta skin for "State Cruiser" (Cop GTO)
  • Added beta Cross vinyl (Seen in intro)
  • Added beta Firetruck skin (Yellow color instead of Red)
  • Added beta whine sound from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • [Not confirmed] Different Semi truck skin from intro
  • Remake of E3 skin for News Van
  • Engine together with Shift and Turbo sounds were ported from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • "Garbage Truck", according to the LOD_E and "Skate" game now has double rear wheels (by 379Felipe)
  • Fixed brakes on cop cars because they looked normal in beta (by Miner)
  • Remake of beta cruisers (by Miner)
  • Remake of beta Light SUV (by Red_Fire)
  • Beta visual (stance, wheels posistion, etc) from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Beta performance specifications were ported from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Restored cut cars:

- BMW M3 E46 (Stock vehicle) (Model by 379Felipe, most of the config by EllisRacing)
- BMW M3 CSL (Model by FarrelPrayoga157, fixes by Valen1991, most of the config by FLP)
- Mazda RX-8 Speed T
- Nissan 350Z (by Zvott96)
- Nissan Skyline (by Zvott96)

------ USER INTERFACE ------
  • Added UI screens from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124, along with some elements from X05 footage
  • Added beta gauges from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124
  • Added beta textures for RPM Lines in the drag gamemode
  • Added beta loading screen from OPM(PS2) Demo, Alpha 124 build and E3
  • Remake of a bit earlier title screen than OPM(PS2) Demo one (the one with graffiti logo)
  • Restored title screen from E3 Demo
  • Added beta Photofinish textures from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Added beta Webster photos from Alpha 124
  • Added beta font
  • EA TRAX player is now black in gameplay
  • Extra cut font restored, it's used in gameplay
  • Beta elements on busted background texture were restored
  • Minimap is now way less visible, that's how it was in Tournament demo
  • Optionally you can use Chevrolet manufacturer logo for Corvette cars, as that's how it was in the beta
  • A bit different title font in menus (the one used for things like "custom race mode select")
  • Gauges menu was moved to Parts category
  • Added beta click sound both from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build

  • Global map differences:

- Beta scaling (only OPM(PS2) Demo map)
- E3 style (only OPM(PS2) Demo map)
- Different locked district icons

  • Added beta icons:

- Speedtrap
- Profile manager
- Career
- Customization
- Paint
- Numbers
- Locked
- Infraction
- Hide car
- Quit to Safehouse/Main Menu
- Resume race
- Minimap car/speedtrap/event
- Nitrous (Remake of E3 one and one showed in "Blacklist tournament" video)
- Speedbraker (Remake of E3 one)

  • Added beta Car Manufactures for:

- Aston Martin
- Cadillac
- Corvette
- Fiat
- Subaru
- Renault

  • Added beta Car Secondary logos for:

- A3 20T
- Carrera GT
- Clio
- Cobalt SS
- Corvette C6 (two versions) / C6.R
- Ford GT
- Monaro
- Punto
- SL65 AMG
- TT

  • Added beta Ming and Kaze's bio (others ones have almost no differences)
  • Requirements of some BL members were changed
  • Some career milestone values were changed (Bounty and Cost to State)
  • Heat level 4 opens on BL #9
  • Razor's Mustang got back additional RZ on rear bumper

  • Restored beta BL names and nicknames

- BL #15 Ho Seun, Sonny [*] Tony Ho, Pitboss
- BL #9 Eguene James [*] Pierre Dupont
- BL #3 Ronnal McCrea [*] Ronnie McCrea
- BL #2 Toru Sato [*] Toro Sato
- BL #1 Clarence Callahan [*] Razor Callahan

  • Restored beta Blacklist cars:

- Earl, #9
- Jewels, #8
- Ming, #6
- Bull, #2
>>> Other members have minor differences:
- Sonny, #15 (White rims color)
- Taz, #14 (White rims color, also has brighter paint)
- Vic, #13 (Has more details on the vinyl)
- Big Lou, #11 (White rims color, also has different window tint)
- Baron, #10 (White rims color, also has different spoiler, also has more details on the vinyl)
- Webster, #5 (Brighter paint)
- JV, #4 (White rims color)

------ GAMEPLAY ------
  • Added beta opponents names from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Added beta heat level settings from Alpha 124
  • Added beta versions of challenges from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124
  • Restored Ford GT and Lamborghini Gallardo cut rides for Challenge Series (Gamespot footage and Screenshots)
  • With added OPM(PS2) Demo challenges now there's a cut milestone type: Destroyed cops in pursuit
  • Added / Restored beta races (Half of the game was changed)
  • Some of the races main include from 2 up to 5 opponents
  • Bonus bounty now gets added every 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Speedbreaker is now called "Gamebreaker", as it mentioned in the game files
  • Car camera values (Close, Far, Bumper, Hood) were ported from Alpha 124 and OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Opponents including BL members now has higher skill level (doesn't mean they will be much harder for you)
  • One car spawn point before speedtrap marker was changed to Alpha 124 one
  • Amount of money in the Cash markers for several BLs was changed to Alpha 124 one
  • Cops spawn points on pursuit challenges №38 and №40 were changed to Alpha 124 ones
  • Player start point on pursuit challenges №16, №24, №28, №50 and №58 was changed to the one from track maps
  • Added beta challenge series descriptions from Alpha 124
  • Added removed gamemode "Cashgrab". In this gamemode you're locked in a small area, full of money bags. Who collects the most in a short time
  • wins.
  • Different set of rival races for BL 8
  • You can meet cops in BL rival races (Complex method only)
  • Different cash rewards for regular races, both from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Beta cinematic race intros, including some BL ones
  • Beta finish cinematic cameras for races
  • OPM(PS2) Demo exclusive races were ported, you can find them in Quick Race menu
  • Remake of E3 Demo drag
  • Beta cop speech settings

------ OTHER ------
  • Added beta Intro movie (+ optionally you can choose action version of E3 trailer [Not confirmed])
  • Beta sound for race intros and Gas explosion
  • Added some beta text
  • Added beta camera angles in menus
  • Added beta executable icon from "Xbox Original" Demo

======== CREDITS ========
  • nlgzrgn (Special .asi script for the mod)
  • TrackmaniaMatt (Vehicle audio files, porting various vehicle SFX stuff from OPM Demo, huge help with re-rendering FMVs)
  • GXP (Car whine sound from OPM Demo)
  • 379Felipe (A LOT - See changelog and find mentions)
  • Red_Fire (A LOT - See changelog and find mentions)
  • TMCharly (Help with car models)
  • AlbinoBuffalo_80 (Initial remake of C6's concept version of bodykit 5)
  • MaxHwoy (Another special .asi script for the mod, that now allows to release BCM on NFSMods)
  • r033 (with help of his "icebreaker" tool, that was also made in mind to help BCM, we can now have a lot of cool cinematic things)
  • Miner (Fixes for beta helicopter model)
  • nfsu360 (support for OPM Demo models in CarToolkit)
  • Zyr3x / VectorX (Beta testing)
  • D4emon712 (Grey skin for minivan)
  • RaTT (2002 version of Porsche 911 GT2)

...and elaymm4 for everything else.

--- Help with barriers for races ---
  • r033
  • heyitsleo

--- Beta textures mod ---
  • 379Felipe
  • TrackmaniaMatt
  • SpeedyHeart

--- Modding tools ---
  • nfsu360 (NFS-VltEd, NFS-Hasher, NFS-TexEd, NFS-LangEd)
  • heyitsleo (VaultBoy)
  • MWInside (ReCompiler)
  • Xanvier / Xan1242 (Disculator)
  • nlgzrgn (SATEditor, Labrune)
  • MJ_Realm (EA VP6 Encoder)
  • MaxHwoy (Binary)

--- BMW M3 CSL cut vehicle ---
  • FarrelPrayoga157 (Main model)
  • Valen1991 (Fixes)
  • FLP (Part of config)

--- Other things ---
  • Miner (Remake of beta cruisers used in previous versions, Fixed brakes on cop cars)
  • Xanvier / Xan1242 (Main Body Font Mod)
  • Demon (NFSMW Alpha 124 build)
  • 379Felipe (Restored cut cars)
  • TrackmaniaMatt (Beta click sound from OPM Demo, Xbox OG Demo)
  • flomaster (Help with creating races (Rotation formula))
  • RaTT (Race trackmap/minimap templates)
  • Zvott96 (Nissan Skyline and Nissan 350Z mod)
  • EllisRacing (Part of the config for BMW M3 E46)
  • nlgzrgn (NFSMW Extra Options, NFSMW Unlimiter, NFSMW Race Fixes)
  • ThirteenAG (ASI Loader)
  • Zyphir (Help with FMVs)
  • sKyL1ne ("Sex On Wheels" magazine find)
  • Splash45 (Minor help)
  • EllisRacing (BMW M3 E46 missing hoods fix, configs)

======== SUPPORT ========
If you're having any problems with my mod: please first make sure that you installed it on a FULLY CLEAN GAME.
If that's okay and it still crashes or has serious bugs - you can report that on my discord server, in "bcm_general" or "general_en" channel:

Discord server link

If you're feeling that something isn't right in the mod in terms of content, you can also write that, though NOT TO ME, but in "bcm_general" or "general_en" channel on my discord server.
Why? Because it's just your opinion - I may not want to talk about it, but people on server may. Who knows what we will get in the end of conversation?


dannycybart (January 28, 2023 @ 20:30)
Este mod mejora con cada actualización, y me gusta mucho que traigas más contenido al Need For Speed Most Wanted Beta Mod, Te ánimos en todo lo que te propongas y espero con el tiempo más actualizaciones del mod 😆💯

BlaseLowlander (December 22, 2022 @ 17:01)
Is there any way to fix missing minimap routes and freeroam minimap?

ripley (September 01, 2022 @ 16:48)
Mod is having bugs Example: When i jump from old bridge game crashes

elaymm4 (August 29, 2022 @ 15:34)
@hiddenmask58 It's intended

hiddenmask58 (August 16, 2022 @ 02:53)
I got some small bug. During end of any race when you hit the finish line, the "whoosh" sound right before the photo and result screen, is missing. So now it's muted

Uploaded at: May 03, 2020 @ 09:49


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