NFSMW - Beta Content Mod by elaymm4 (and lots of good people)

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NFSMW - Beta Content Mod

NFS Most Wanted (2005) - Beta Content Mod

A mod that returns almost every cut content from NFS Most Wanted (2005).
People saw a lot of things that were changed during the development of this game.
This mod restores a huge amount of beta content from all available sources that we have. Beta cars, races, menus, cops, etc.

NOTE: Install ONLY ON A COMPLETELY CLEAN GAME (recommended US/English 1.3 release with RELOADED crack). This mod DOESN'T SUPPORT ALMOST EVERYTHING, because it changes almost everything.

For sure supported mods:
  • Widescreen Fix
  • HD Reflections
  • HUD Resizer
  • HUD Adapter

Gameplay snippets, that shows some interesting things from the mod
Sources & Materials

Mod can be installed in two different ways. Here's what each type of installation gives you:
>> Easy installation: Just unpack everything to the freshly-installed game and that's it.
>> Complex installation: Gives you a lot of optionality, but will take quite some time and brains to install.

======== CHANGES LIST ========
NOTE: Some of the changes listed here can be obtained only through "Complex method" installation!

==== VERSION 1.1 - 1.1.2 ====
------ CARS ------
  • RX8 Speed-T now has proper model (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Some traffic cars can now sometimes carry a cut trafcamper (thanks to 379Felipe)
  • Fixed light markers on trafcamper (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Remake of beta Rhino SUV (by Red_Fire)
  • Some traffic cars now have 3d lights with glass tints (thanks to 379Felipe)
  • Original models for beta cruisers were ported from OPM Demo thanks to 379Felipe and nfsu360's support for them in last version of CarToolkit
  • With original models of beta cruiser you will now see it even in busted scene
  • Optionally in complex installer you can enable orange lights on the back of beta cruisers
  • Beta helicopter was ported from OPM Demo and fixed by Red_Fire and Miner
  • Porsche Cayman S now has standard spoiler mount
  • just like in OPM demo (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Another version of traffic wagon, seen in prologue movie scene. Remake by Red_Fire
  • Antennas were added for Mustang GT (stock and some kits) and BMW M3 GTR E46 (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • BMW M3 GTR E46 now has stance from beta
  • BMW M3 GTR E46 now has colored spoiler
  • BMW M3 GTR E46 now has more beta textures (thanks to r033)
  • 2002 version of Porsche 911 GT2 instead of 2004 one (2002 features colored side mirrors and spoiler, 911 Turbo wheels)
  • Different exhaust position/shape for Pontiac GTO, Impreza WRX, Mustang GT, Cayman S, RX8 and Evo 8 (thanks to Red_Fire)
  • Different kit 1 & 3 for Cayman S, kit 5 for Corvette C6 (thanks to Red_Fire & AlbinoBuffalo_80)
  • Beta paints. Body paints, vinyl paints, rim paints (including pearl ones) and window tints
  • Cut decals (TYC, StreetGlow, ROTA Wheels, Plasmaglow, NOS, Lexani, Falken, DONZ (+different version of FastBrakes)
  • Re-done remake of Bull's vinyl
  • One more beta license plate was added, a WIP version of release one from "Sex On Wheels" interview (available as option through Complex installation)
  • One more generic body flame vinyl was added from OPM Demo (thanks to Binary tool)
  • Fixed collision for Skyline, now with modded bodykits it won't levitate above the ground

------ USER INTERFACE ------
  • You can choose beta custom colors for Speedo/Gauge either from OPM Demo, or from Alpha 124 (Easy installation includes on OPM Demo ones)
  • Destroying police vehicles will now result in getting combo multiplier, just like in Alpha 124
  • Removed lap count option from cashgrab's quick race track settings screen (it was useless anyway)

------ GAMEPLAY ------
  • Cashgrab race intro now has custom cinematic camera movements
  • Some pursuit breaker cinematic cameras are now from beta
  • 4 different versions of tollbooth intro ("Early" one is chosen for Easy Installation)
  • Unused/Cut busted scenes are now possible to get (thanks to nlgzrgn)
  • Fixed autosave bug for Challenge Series mode
  • Fixed completion status issue for Cashgrab races. Now you can have some money and records!
  • Fixed checkpoint radiuses for Sonny's Lap K.O race

------ OTHER ------
  • Cutscenes no longer require you to press any button after they're finished (thanks to Zyphir)
  • Complex method installation no longer requires doing that much of manual work (thanks to Binary tool)

==== VERSION 1.0 - 1.0.8 ====
------ GRAPHICS ------
  • Added beta shader materials from OPM(PS2) Demo (Including vehicle paints)
  • Restored old headlight and brakelight flares (headlight flare has rainbow ring from UG2)
  • E3 blown-engine effect
  • Tire smoke from OPM(PS2) Demo

------ ENVIRONMENT ------
  • Added some beta textures for menu interiors (Safehouse, Main Menu Scene) from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Added some beta textures in the world (Red containers, Bus-stop banner, Big banner ads, etc)
  • Restored beta barrier textures from Tournament demo
  • Added beta icon markers in the world (like safehouse, speedtrap, etc.) from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Other world particles (including real Gas explosion) from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • [Not confirmed] Earliest race finishline flares effect
  • Minor changes in world place (car lot, garage, etc) positions
  • [Not canonic] Traffic from drag races are added to the free roam and normal races
  • World object reactions (Ex.: How much speed you need to hit object, will it fly, etc)
  • GPS arrow is now red

------ CARS ------
  • Added beta window damage texture
  • Added beta License Plate texture (City of Rosewood)
  • Restored yellow tint on headlights of BMW M3 GTR E46 ALMS
  • Added beta skin for "State Cruiser" (Cop GTO)
  • Added beta Cross vinyl (Seen in intro)
  • Added beta Firetruck skin (Yellow color instead of Red)
  • Added beta whine sound from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • [Not confirmed] Different Semi truck skin from intro
  • Remake of E3 skin for News Van
  • Engine together with Shift and Turbo sounds were ported from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • "Garbage Truck", according to the LOD_E and "Skate" game now has double rear wheels (by 379Felipe)
  • Fixed brakes on cop cars because they looked normal in beta (by Miner)
  • Remake of beta cruisers (by Miner)
  • Remake of beta Light SUV (by Red_Fire)
  • Beta visual (stance, wheels posistion, etc) from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Beta performance specifications were ported from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Restored cut cars:

- BMW M3 E46 (Stock vehicle) (Model by 379Felipe, most of the config by EllisRacing)
- BMW M3 CSL (Model by FarrelPrayoga157, fixes by Valen1991, most of the config by FLP)
- Mazda RX-8 Speed T
- Nissan 350Z (by Zvott96)
- Nissan Skyline (by Zvott96)

------ USER INTERFACE ------
  • Added UI screens from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124, along with some elements from X05 footage
  • Added beta gauges from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124
  • Added beta textures for RPM Lines in the drag gamemode
  • Added beta loading screen from OPM(PS2) Demo, Alpha 124 build and E3
  • Remake of a bit earlier title screen than OPM(PS2) Demo one (the one with graffiti logo)
  • Restored title screen from E3 Demo
  • Added beta Photofinish textures from both OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Added beta Webster photos from Alpha 124
  • Added beta font
  • EA TRAX player is now black in gameplay
  • Extra cut font restored, it's used in gameplay
  • Beta elements on busted background texture were restored
  • Minimap is now way less visible, that's how it was in Tournament demo
  • Optionally you can use Chevrolet manufacturer logo for Corvette cars, as that's how it was in the beta
  • A bit different title font in menus (the one used for things like "custom race mode select")
  • Gauges menu was moved to Parts category
  • Added beta click sound both from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build

  • Global map differences:

- Beta scaling (only OPM(PS2) Demo map)
- E3 style (only OPM(PS2) Demo map)
- Different locked district icons

  • Added beta icons:

- Speedtrap
- Profile manager
- Career
- Customization
- Paint
- Numbers
- Locked
- Infraction
- Hide car
- Quit to Safehouse/Main Menu
- Resume race
- Minimap car/speedtrap/event
- Nitrous (Remake of E3 one and one showed in "Blacklist tournament" video)
- Speedbraker (Remake of E3 one)

  • Added beta Car Manufactures for:

- Aston Martin
- Cadillac
- Corvette
- Fiat
- Subaru
- Renault

  • Added beta Car Secondary logos for:

- A3 20T
- Carrera GT
- Clio
- Cobalt SS
- Corvette C6 (two versions) / C6.R
- Ford GT
- Monaro
- Punto
- SL65 AMG
- TT

  • Added beta Ming and Kaze's bio (others ones have almost no differences)
  • Requirements of some BL members were changed
  • Some career milestone values were changed (Bounty and Cost to State)
  • Heat level 4 opens on BL #9
  • Razor's Mustang got back additional RZ on rear bumper

  • Restored beta BL names and nicknames

- BL #15 Ho Seun, Sonny [*] Tony Ho, Pitboss
- BL #9 Eguene James [*] Pierre Dupont
- BL #3 Ronnal McCrea [*] Ronnie McCrea
- BL #2 Toru Sato [*] Toro Sato
- BL #1 Clarence Callahan [*] Razor Callahan

  • Restored beta Blacklist cars:

- Earl, #9
- Jewels, #8
- Ming, #6
- Bull, #2
>>> Other members have minor differences:
- Sonny, #15 (White rims color)
- Taz, #14 (White rims color, also has brighter paint)
- Vic, #13 (Has more details on the vinyl)
- Big Lou, #11 (White rims color, also has different window tint)
- Baron, #10 (White rims color, also has different spoiler, also has more details on the vinyl)
- Webster, #5 (Brighter paint)
- JV, #4 (White rims color)

------ GAMEPLAY ------
  • Added beta opponents names from OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Added beta heat level settings from Alpha 124
  • Added beta versions of challenges from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124
  • Restored Ford GT and Lamborghini Gallardo cut rides for Challenge Series (Gamespot footage and Screenshots)
  • With added OPM(PS2) Demo challenges now there's a cut milestone type: Destroyed cops in pursuit
  • Added / Restored beta races (Half of the game was changed)
  • Some of the races main include from 2 up to 5 opponents
  • Bonus bounty now gets added every 5 seconds instead of 10
  • Speedbreaker is now called "Gamebreaker", as it mentioned in the game files
  • Car camera values (Close, Far, Bumper, Hood) were ported from Alpha 124 and OPM(PS2) Demo
  • Opponents including BL members now has higher skill level (doesn't mean they will be much harder for you)
  • One car spawn point before speedtrap marker was changed to Alpha 124 one
  • Amount of money in the Cash markers for several BLs was changed to Alpha 124 one
  • Cops spawn points on pursuit challenges №38 and №40 were changed to Alpha 124 ones
  • Player start point on pursuit challenges №16, №24, №28, №50 and №58 was changed to the one from track maps
  • Added beta challenge series descriptions from Alpha 124
  • Added removed gamemode "Cashgrab". In this gamemode you're locked in a small area, full of money bags. Who collects the most in a short time
  • wins.
  • Different set of rival races for BL 8
  • You can meet cops in BL rival races (Complex method only)
  • Different cash rewards for regular races, both from OPM(PS2) Demo and Alpha 124 build
  • Beta cinematic race intros, including some BL ones
  • Beta finish cinematic cameras for races
  • OPM(PS2) Demo exclusive races were ported, you can find them in Quick Race menu
  • Remake of E3 Demo drag
  • Beta cop speech settings

------ OTHER ------
  • Added beta Intro movie (+ optionally you can choose action version of E3 trailer [Not confirmed])
  • Beta sound for race intros and Gas explosion
  • Added some beta text
  • Added beta camera angles in menus
  • Added beta executable icon from "Xbox Original" Demo

======== CREDITS ========
  • nlgzrgn (Special .asi script for the mod)
  • TrackmaniaMatt (Vehicle audio files, porting various vehicle SFX stuff from OPM Demo, huge help with re-rendering FMVs)
  • GXP (Car whine sound from OPM Demo)
  • 379Felipe (A LOT - See changelog and find mentions)
  • Red_Fire (A LOT - See changelog and find mentions)
  • TMCharly (Help with car models)
  • AlbinoBuffalo_80 (Initial remake of C6's concept version of bodykit 5)
  • MaxHwoy (Another special .asi script for the mod, that now allows to release BCM on NFSMods)
  • r033 (with help of his "icebreaker" tool, that was also made in mind to help BCM, we can now have a lot of cool cinematic things)
  • Miner (Fixes for beta helicopter model)
  • nfsu360 (support for OPM Demo models in CarToolkit)
  • Zyr3x / VectorX (Beta testing)
  • D4emon712 (Grey skin for minivan)
  • RaTT (2002 version of Porsche 911 GT2)

...and elaymm4 for everything else.

--- Help with barriers for races ---
  • r033
  • heyitsleo

--- Beta textures mod ---
  • 379Felipe
  • TrackmaniaMatt
  • SpeedyHeart

--- Modding tools ---
  • nfsu360 (NFS-VltEd, NFS-Hasher, NFS-TexEd, NFS-LangEd)
  • heyitsleo (VaultBoy)
  • MWInside (ReCompiler)
  • Xanvier / Xan1242 (Disculator)
  • nlgzrgn (SATEditor, Labrune)
  • MJ_Realm (EA VP6 Encoder)
  • MaxHwoy (Binary)

--- BMW M3 CSL cut vehicle ---
  • FarrelPrayoga157 (Main model)
  • Valen1991 (Fixes)
  • FLP (Part of config)

--- Other things ---
  • Miner (Remake of beta cruisers used in previous versions, Fixed brakes on cop cars)
  • Xanvier / Xan1242 (Main Body Font Mod)
  • Demon (NFSMW Alpha 124 build)
  • 379Felipe (Restored cut cars)
  • TrackmaniaMatt (Beta click sound from OPM Demo, Xbox OG Demo)
  • flomaster (Help with creating races (Rotation formula))
  • RaTT (Race trackmap/minimap templates)
  • Zvott96 (Nissan Skyline and Nissan 350Z mod)
  • EllisRacing (Part of the config for BMW M3 E46)
  • nlgzrgn (NFSMW Extra Options, NFSMW Unlimiter, NFSMW Race Fixes)
  • ThirteenAG (ASI Loader)
  • Zyphir (Help with FMVs)
  • sKyL1ne ("Sex On Wheels" magazine find)
  • Splash45 (Minor help)
  • EllisRacing (BMW M3 E46 missing hoods fix, configs)

======== SUPPORT ========
If you're having any problems with my mod: please first make sure that you installed it on a FULLY CLEAN GAME.
If that's okay and it still crashes or has serious bugs - you can report that on my discord server, in "bcm_general" or "general_en" channel:

Discord server link

If you're feeling that something isn't right in the mod in terms of content, you can also write that, though NOT TO ME, but in "bcm_general" or "general_en" channel on my discord server.
Why? Because it's just your opinion - I may not want to talk about it, but people on server may. Who knows what we will get in the end of conversation?


Rmg2021 (May 12, 2022 @ 13:47)
Elaymm4 пж помоги,скачав beta content mod последнюю версию мода я запустив игру я увидел что у машины теза и камикадзе серые колеса,хотя в старых
версиях мода не было таких проблем пж надеюсь поможешь

SimpleModz96 (November 08, 2021 @ 18:04)
How can I just get Rog's Mustang & the loading screen? Which files are they in?

elaymm4 (September 28, 2021 @ 12:36)
mustavisadi, I think it can, if you first install BCM, then on top of that install X360 Stuff Complex installation.

mustavisadi (September 28, 2021 @ 04:17)
Does this mod work with the Xbox 360 Stuff mod? Because I really want the beta content and the Xbox 360 enhancements.

craig (July 19, 2021 @ 17:40)
fucking finally! also thx for the binary installation

Uploaded at: May 03, 2020 @ 09:49


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