Better Controls by Krisha

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed 2015

Better Controls

Changes the default control scheme to be something a bit more sensible, in my eyes at least (shifting with the right stick is WEIRD). If you use the bumpers to shift like I do, you now no longer have to worry about accidentally re-entering a garage or paying a fine when trying to shift up, or hanging up the phone when shifting down. After installing, you might wanna go into the options and set your controls to default to apply the change.

New controls:

  • RB shift up
  • LB shift down
  • X answer phone
  • A enter location/event, pay fine
  • R Stick control camera

  • Up Arrow accelerate
  • Down Arrow brake
  • Lshift shift up
  • Lctrl shift down
  • Y nitrous (tested on QWERTZ keyboard, should be Z on qwerty)
  • WASD control camera

Installation (for noobs)
-Download and unzip Frosty Mod Manager
-Open it, click new configuration
-navigate to your nfs 2015 install folder and select the NFS16.exe
-click import mods
-find and select the downloaded mod file
-apply the mod (important!)

Known issue:
On the gamepad, some menus which used to use the bumpers (LB/RB) to navigate are slightly broken, because this input can't be untied from the answer phone and enter event buttons. Use X to navigate and A to open the menu. I think it can't be fixed but if it can I will update. LMK.



FQ540 (September 16, 2022 @ 23:27)
What exactly do you change in the Frosty Editor to make this happen? I'm wondering because I wanna make my own controller layout

Uploaded at: May 05, 2020 @ 21:11