NFS Carbon E3 DEMO Race by Edge

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NFS Carbon E3 DEMO Race


This is the mod that restores E3 DEMO Canyon Duel between Scorpion's Evo and DB9, replacement for Silver Canyon Challenge.
The only problem is DB9 AI is pretty retarded and crashes on the 1st corner...
Showcase of this mod:

DB9 now has a light grey colour. Now visibility of a vinyl is more apparent. Shame on me for that mistake xd

24 MAY 2020
GLOSS paint for DB9


Edge (October 15, 2020 @ 10:51)
@faszkivanmindennel95 of course, my PC is kinda fucked right now, so it would be nice of you to upload this fix ;)

faszkivanmindennel95 (September 27, 2020 @ 15:52)
I have made fix for Improvment Mode and Ultimate mod, so its compatible , can I release it and give a shoutout to you?
I'm waiting for your answer

faszkivanmindennel95 (September 27, 2020 @ 14:56)
Edge, can u tell me what is the demo db9 frontend preset code ?

Edge (May 09, 2020 @ 16:09)
@LuckyLuke well, there is only one solution: to inject those preset cars into GlobalB file of the improvement mode, will do that later

LuckyLuke (May 09, 2020 @ 09:48)
Can you make this compatible with Improvement Mod? I tried to install but it crashed on start