Need for Speed: Most Wanted - 2001 BMW M3 GTR (E46) ALMS by trackmaniamatt and Valen1991

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Need for Speed: Most Wanted - 2001 BMW M3 GTR (E46) ALMS

Download here:

NFS Most Wanted
2001 BMW M3 GTR (E46) ALMS

Technical Information:

Converted by: trackmaniamatt and Valen1991
Converted from: NFS Most Wanted
Replaces: BMWM3GTRE46
Car folder name (XName): BMWM3GTRE46


Mod required to see customizable features:

- NFSMW Extra Options (
- To install the car, see the "Installation" section for instructions.


- Body Kits: Stock + 5 (see the "Details on the Body Kits" for more info on these)
- Spoilers
- Rims
- Hoods
- Roof Scoops

- Default performance data.

- Paint
- Vinyls: All 155 slots, 512x and 1024x texture packs available.
- Rim Paint
- Window Tint
- Decals
- Numbers
- Custom Gauges



- Default performance data of the BMW M3 GTR from the base game (if you want upgradeable performance, check out 379Felipe's upgradeable performance mod:
- Vanilla "Paul" driver model from NFS Most Wanted.
- No VltEd script installition required!
- Non-gray wheels.
- LOD parts.
- Antenna and paintable spoiler, similar to how the car has these in the OPM Demo!
- Working brakelights on/off textures.
- Damage (Scratches) for all Body Kits.
- Source files for NFS-CarToolkit v2.8 (Modding Resource)


Details on the Body Kits (thanks to Valen1991 for these):

1 (stock): Original rear bumper from Most Wanted
2: Payback rear bumper style
3: MW 2012 and Heat rear bumper style
4: Original rear bumper from Most Wanted + Yellow headlights.
5: Payback rear bumper style + Yellow headlights.
6: MW 2012 and Heat rear bumper style + Yellow headlights.


Known Issues:

- None so far.
- Please report if you see any other issues.



1) Get NFS:MW Extra Options and enable ShowMoreCustomizationOptions (Skip this is you already have Extra Options with that option enable).

2) Go to your main NFS MW 2005 directory and go to CARS/BMWM3GTRE46 and create backups of these files:

3) Go back to the main directory and paste the CARS folder there.

4) Enjoy your customizable BMW M3 GTR!


Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

! Initial release.



- Valen1991 for the body kits.
- PorscheDudeGT3 for the inspiration for this mod, and the hood models.
- Myself for adding the antenna, and making the stock spoiler paintable.
- ASC for a modified version of NFSU2/MW Texture Compiler by nfsu360, which was used to compile the 512x vinyl texture file.
- nfsu360 for NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-VltEd, NFS-TexEd and NFSU2/MW Texture Compiler, which make modding the game just easier.
- The Blender Foundation for Blender, where most of the conversion was done.
- And you, for downloading this mod!


© 2020 trackmaniamatt @ ExOpts Team. No rights reserved.


trackmaniamatt (May 20, 2020 @ 18:34)
@Herobrine Mine has all the features of Valen1991's BMW, plus a bit more. He let me use the body kits and hoods from his BMW, and I added the paint-able spoiler, as well as the antenna on the roof, that were seen in the PS2 Demo. :)

Herobrine (May 20, 2020 @ 14:30)
what's the difference between this and valeen's one?

domk001 (May 20, 2020 @ 06:45)
Can you make a Mod that the M3 GTR ALMS Stock Spoiler ist also in the other BMW Cars Like normal M3, CSL and the Street?

trackmaniamatt (May 20, 2020 @ 00:26)
@AngelDust I will look into the tire tracks position. That has to do with something in NFS VltEd. :)

And I recommend using the download link here:

This is the one at the top of the description, and shouldn't cause any issues. Hope this helps! :D

AngelDust (May 19, 2020 @ 22:30)
I don't know if this is related to the 3D model, but there's still the tire tracks position that you could fix.

By the way, the 1024x texture file cannot be extracted for some reason, it says the archive is corrupted.