Need For Speed Most Wanted - Better Light Flares by Avalanche

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Need For Speed Most Wanted - Better Light Flares


This mod aims to better Most Wanted's graphics by improving the look of the light flashes and flares frequently seen in-game. The goal was to create a more refined and vibrant look that still fits the game's atmosphere. The color contrast of police lights, headlights, and taillights have been increased, as well as the size and style of some of these effects. On top of this, you can disable headlights entirely for a more "daytime" experience. Also included is the option to remove the white police lights, as seen in the Xbox 360 release of the game. This mod should be fully compatible with all other graphical effects and mods, provided it is installed after them. Feel free to make any changes you desire, and if any issues arise, please contact me!


  • Download and extract the .zip file on this page.
  • Navigate to and open VLT-Edit (by nfsu360).
  • Click on "File -> Open" and navigate to your game's root folder. The game's database will load onto the screen.
  • Click on "File -> Import -> ModScript" and navigate to the extracted mod folder.
  • Import the ModScript (.nfsms file named "InstallMe").
  • Be sure to read all information provided at the installation menu.
  • Check bonus boxes if you want extra features.
  • Press "Install" in the lower right corner.
  • Once the script loads, click "File -> Save".
  • Run the game and enjoy!

Known Issues

  • When using the optional script to disable headlights, oncoming traffic cars will be difficult to see, especially in dark areas.
  • Nothing else. Please report bugs, flaws, or improvements in the comments or contact me directly!

Version History

  • 5/20/20 @ 14:53 - v1.0.0, initial release.
  • 11/24/20 @ 19:51 - v1.0.1, fixed a small oversight regarding blue and white light intensity.
  • 11/24/20 @ 20:02 - v1.0.2, fixed a couple typos.
  • 9/11/21 @ 17:12 - v2.0.0, rewrote and refined script with entirely new values, slightly shrunk traffic brakelights.


  • nfsu360 - Creation and development of VLT-Edit.
  • Avalanche - Development and implementation.
  • Aven - Playtesting and feedback.
  • You - Supporting my mods.


Aven (December 22, 2020 @ 16:29)
can you add comparison screenshots?

Avalanche (July 27, 2020 @ 21:24)
Yeah, it doesn't look as good in my opinion so I might make it for Carbon as well.

alexelcaza (July 26, 2020 @ 23:59)
this mod works just fine with carbon too if target game is changed to C in the nfsms file

Uploaded at: May 20, 2020 @ 21:54


e5f72c-NFSMW Mod - Better Light Flares (2.0.0).zip (Size: 145.74KB) Latest Version
18dd6f-NFSMW Mod - Better Light Flares (1.0.2).zip (Size: 637.02KB) Old Version
8482cc-NFSMW Mod - Better Light Flares (1.0.1).zip (Size: 637.02KB) Old Version