NFS World Basic HUD + new resolutions support by Mefius

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NFS World Basic HUD + new resolutions support

NFS World Basic Hud Mod

This is the hud mod for NFS World. I wanted to recreate the look of older nfs single player games, where you have navigation with features on the left side and the speedometer with tachometer on the right. I removed the features that I either did not like or find redundant/unecessary to have the info all the time.

I divided the files to core and optional. Core files include:
-moving radar to the left of the screen and adjusting speedometer position
-changed position of durability and heat icons
-moved upwards chat panel, so it doesn't overlap with radar
-removed chat button for better visuals, you popup chat window with an enter button and hide normally with an arrow on the side. Additionally, the animation for the button is still there, so even with the button disabled, when someone writes something on the chat, the button animation appears for brief moment, indicating change in the chat
-reorganized powerup panel
-moved buff bar with treasure hunt icon (it acts as a buff)
-removed TH days counter, you can still check it in archievements panel

Optional files:
-CommonHUD: removes all items from top panel, except for the menu buttons. I left them, because without menu it's sometimes difficult to access some features and game settings menu. Having it on top reminds me a bit of MW'05 radar detector, so I left it there.
-flashers: removes some of the flashing alerts, like for example the info that you used a powerup, like "Nitrous!". Ideally, I wanted to make it only for powerups, however changes also removed some flasher info from pursuits and races, ex. it doesn't display a lap time flash after making a lap (you still have best lap time panel on the left).

Replace files in you NFSW game files in GFX folder with the ones from Core and if you want Optional folders.


UPDATE!: Apparently, the position of radar and its assets is counted from the right side in a different way than speedometer. That means radar position will be different on every other resolution than 1920 wide.

UPDATE 2 (NEW VERSION): I uploaded a new version with 8 new wide resolutions support. In Resolutions Radar Fixes folder, you will find instrumentcluster.gfx files for resolutions with width:
(1920px is default, no need to change)

If however you use a resolution with other width, I leave old instructions below:
-you will need a program like JPXES Free Flash Decompiler
-open InstrumentCluster.gfx with it
-go to sprites->DefineSprite (208: InstrumentCluster)->frame1
-there you will need to edit matrix -> translateX values for following PlaceObject2 fields:
-PlaceObject2 (58)Depth: 7 //my comment: it's a black shade alpha background of radar
-PlaceObject2 (173)Depth: 84 (map)
-PlaceObject2 (185)Depth: 86 (northArrow)
-PlaceObject2 (36: Cop) (:Cop)Depth: 97 (radar_placeholder)
-PlaceObject2 (195)Depth: 101 (copRadarSkillAnimation)
-PlaceObject2 (201)Depth: 107 (radarLevels)
-PlaceObject2 (207)Depth: 112 (openMapHitBox)
Lower the translateX value, radar objects go left, higher for the radar to go right. Be sure to change all the object values for the same amount, otherwise radar will become a mess.

-TerraSphere_385 for inspiration and reference Minimal HUD mod.


Mefius (May 28, 2020 @ 14:37)
@TerraSphere385 Thank you, I added 8 new versions of instrumentcluster.gfx for most popular resolutions in width.

TerraSphere385 (May 26, 2020 @ 14:34)
This looks clean for a first mod. Well done, mate.

Mefius (May 24, 2020 @ 12:43)
@Matius88 see the update info in description

Matius88 (May 24, 2020 @ 05:05)
(Sorry, my English is not the better, i speak Spanish)

Matius88 (May 24, 2020 @ 05:02)
I have one little problem with the mod, the Radar Doesn't appear, and i think that the huds (the Radar, the Speedometer, the chat panel, the heat and the Power up slots) are too far above the position in which they should be