1/2 Mile Wheelie Competitions in ProStreet by Seban

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1/2 Mile Wheelie Competitions in ProStreet

Have you ever wanted to race in 1/2 Mile Wheelie Competitions? Thanks to this ModScript now you can! The modification is applied near to all Wheelie Competition races. Not all because certain cause crashes as soon as possible the game starts. This "collateral effect" is a good one, at least you can participate too in the normal 1/4 Mile Wheelie Competitions. A PRO tip: make sure that your car is stable enough to complete the races! (some say that a Toyota Corolla can land 800 Meters wheelies)
King tip: use the technique of going (slowly) in reverse (if you will go too fast the front of the car will stand up and make a... 0 Meters wheelie) till near to the re-spawn point, and start to wheelie! On Chicago Airfield I landed a 901 Meters wheelie! Some maps for sure have a longer distance before to re-spawn, and maybe is possible to land a 1 Kilometer wheelie, who knows

1) Use VltEd
2) Import the Script (CTRL+I)
3) Click "Install"
4) Save (CTRL+S)
5) Have a nice totaling, ehm... Have fun!


Fel6maN (June 01, 2020 @ 22:34)
already did this 2 years ago welcome to the party

Seban (May 31, 2020 @ 10:15)
Ciao Luken, puoi farlo, ma per ora ho solo trovato le ricompense in denaro. Per gli altri tipi non so dirti, perchē nei campi non ē specificato niente. Forse puoi anche cabiare il tipo di ricompensa, ad esempio che ogni sia un auto gratis, ma non ho ancora provato. In VltEd devi cercare nella cartella "gameplay" se ricordo bene

Luken (May 30, 2020 @ 19:02)
ciao seban, hai idea di dove posso cambiare le ricompense / gare dei giorni di gara in carriera usando il vlted?

Uploaded at: May 29, 2020 @ 14:44