RPM and Gear ratios fix for Nfs 2015 by SpeedyTofu

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RPM and Gear ratios fix for Nfs 2015

Updated the file

Update 1.4
-Fixed 240Z's Gears (5 gears) and Rpm

Update 1.3
-Fixed Mustang (1965) rpm (from 6850 to 8200) and gear ratio (5 gears)

Update 1.2
-Fixed Mustang gt (2015) rpm (from 7050 to 8200) and gear ratio (6 gears)
-Tweaked the police a little bit, so they can catch up to the player more easily (if you have other police tweaked mods, just put mine below them)

Update 1.1
-Fixed McLaren's 570S rpm (from 8050 to 9300 {redline at 9000}) And gear ratio (7 gears)
-Fixed 93's Skyline R32 gear ratio (6 gears)

Update 1.0
-fixed Corvette's Z06
-Changes gear ratio setup for Nissan GTR (both 2015 and 2017 version)

Update 0.95

-Fixed the Evo 9's rpm (from 7000 to 8200) and gear ratio (6 gears)

Update 0.9
-Fixed rpm for BMW E30 (from 7000 to 8000) And gear ratio (6 gears)
-Fixed (again) the Supra

Update 0.8
-fixed gear ratio for Porsche 911 Carrera RSR (1973)

Update 0.7
I decided to focus only on 6 gears version of the mod, so 8 gears fixes will not be updated anymore.
New update includes :
-Gear ratio fix for Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

Added readme -_-

Update 0.6
-Fixed gear ratio for 2017 version of the nissan GTR
-Fixed Honda NSX Type R's rpm ratio, from 7850 to 9200.

Update 0.5

Includes two version of the mod :
6 gears fix that reduces number of gears to 6 (and with different gear ratios) for cars listed below :
-Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86
-Mazda MX-5 (MIATA If ur a weeb :D)
-Honda Civic
-Honda S2000
-Mazda Rx7 FD
And 8 gears (6 gears also includes fixes to 8 gears cars, gonna be working on them soon)
Feel free to suggest which cars need fixing

0.4 Supra 6 gears update
Everything is the same, but the Supra has 6 gears now (you can ignore this and download 7 gears version by downloading 0.3 normal)

Three cars have been udpated :
Rpm fixes include :
-Honda S2000 (from 8000 to 9000)
-Acura RSX (from 7000 to 9000)
Gear ratio fixes include :
-Mazda MX-5 ND

More Cars have been updated, compiled list will be listed below :
Gear ratio fix include :
-Toyota Supra (1-6 gears are longer, and 7 is a bit shorter, giving the car better accelaration)
-Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT86 (same here, 1-6 are longer and 7 is a bit shorter, to make acceleration more balanced)
-Honda Civic Type R (No need to describe it, its just a supercar killer with crazy acceleration)
-Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R ( 6 gear is shorter, 7 and 8 are shorter a bit to provide better high speed acceleration)
-Nissan GTR (2015) (nothing changed from the last version, 7 and 8 gear are shorter to provide better high speed acceleration)
-Mazda MX-5 NA ( All gears except 8 are longer, this setup gives great acceleration on all gears)

Rpm fixes include :
-Mazda Rx7 (from 7250 to 9000)
-Toyota Supra (from 6950 to 8000)
-Mazda MX-5 NA (from 7000 to 8000)
- Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S/Toyota GT86 (from 7250 to 8500)
-Volvo 242DL (from 5500 to 7500)

This gear and rpm setup are made for grip (if you're using Brawltendo's revival V3 mod) or vanilla speed build.

0.1 pre-alpha Fixes gear ratio for some cars (nissan gtr and Honda Civic Type R only for now) and rpm for more realistic setup :
Mazda RX7 - from 7250 rpm to 9000 rpm (8700 irl)
Honda Civic Type R - from 7950 rpm to 9500 rpm (~8700 rpm irl, can be easily tuned to 10k or more)
Subaru BRZ - from 7250 rpm to 8500 rpm (gonna be working on GT86 and FR-S soon)
This is my first mod ever for any game, i hope you like it.
Feel free to report bugs or criticize my mod.


Lardo (June 13, 2020 @ 19:48)
Exactly, I love Brawltendo's handling and your ratio tuning, but I agree that prestige gold is probably impossible with it no matter what (at least, not on all tracks), because of the way "drift boost" works in the vanilla game and how the times were designed for it. So no, your mod is not really the problem, you're probably right to sacrifice top speed for best possible acceleration. It's just that I was hoping to beat prestige gold one day, but I hate vanilla physics too much to "git gud" at it. :)

SpeedyTofu (June 13, 2020 @ 17:57)
@Lardo Ok maybe "need" wasnt the best word to use :D How Beating prestige gold event with a Civic isnt impossible, but its really hard considering that these times were designed for ultra drifting psychics, also the map dissapears at the end. Dont get me wrong, Im not a bad racer (I've been playing racing games when I was 5 lol) Its easy to get silver for most of the races tho, If i Succed at gold, I'll let you know, got any more suggestions for fixes? (by that I mean cars that have trash ratios)

Lardo (June 13, 2020 @ 17:31)
Sure, that's fair. Question is, how do you define "need"? For example, if you can beat any prestige gold time with a Civic, than sure, it doesn't need more top speed. So, can you? :)

SpeedyTofu (June 13, 2020 @ 17:15)
@Lardo I tested many setups, I choosed the shorter ratios to provide better acceleration, for me at least, its better to have quicker acceleration on corner exit, than higher top speed that you dont really need in most races, still, thanks for criticizm!

Lardo (June 13, 2020 @ 17:06)
Nice job! I've noticed that the gears are too short on some cars: R34 and Civic top out at ~215 mph, maybe the 6th gear should be longer? Supra can easily reach 225 on long sprints.

Uploaded at: June 03, 2020 @ 16:41


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