NFS Carbon "Most Wanted" Challenge Series Pack by Edge

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

NFS Carbon "Most Wanted" Challenge Series Pack

It's a mod that adds 36 challenge races (with rewards & Blacklist characters!)

The order of races is following:
1) Cops Immobilization vs heat 3 cops -> 3 lap North Road vs Ronnie (supra)) -> Canyon duel vs Ronnie (Reward: Ronnie's Supra in quick race)

2) Spike Strips vs heat 4 cops -> 4 lap Skyline Avenue vs Bull -> Canyon duel vs Bull (Reward: Bull's SLR in quick race)

3) Bounty vs heat 5 cops -> co-op race with Neville vs Bull & Ronnie (DB9) -> 5 lap circuit vs Razor (Reward: Ronnie's DB9)

4)Canyon vs Razor -> Highway escape vs heat 6 cops -> Reverse Lookout Point vs Mia (Reward: Razor's Mustang)

5)Bounty: Cement truck vs heat 3 cops -> Evo 9 vs heat 5 cops -> Camaro SS vs heat 7 cops (Reward: Undercover Cruiser)

6)Cops hit: Clio vs heat 3 cops -> Murcielago vs Heat 4 cops -> CLK500 vs heat 5 cops (Reward: Police GTO)

7)Cost to state: 997TT vs heat 1 cops -> garbage truck vs heat 3 cops ->SL65 vs heat 5 cops (Reward: Light SUV)

8)Total cops in pursuit (substitute for Infractions): Supra vs heat 2 cops -> IS300 vs heat 3 cops -> Carrera GT vs heat 4 cops (Reward: Undercover GTO)

9)Pursuit Evasion: GTO vs heat 1 cops -> SUV vs heat 3 cops -> DB9 vs heat 4 cops (Reward: Undercover Corvette)

10)Pursuit Duration: SLR vs heat 4 cops -> CaymanS vs heat 5 cops -> Gallardo vs heat 5-6 cops (Reward: Cross' Corvette a.k.a. "copsport")

11)Roadblocks: Z06 vs heat 2 cops -> Pickup truck vs heat 3 cops -> RX7 vs heat 3 cops (Reward: Mia's RX8)

12)Spike Strips: WRX vs heat 4 cops -> Cop Cruiser vs Heat 4 cops -> Vauxhall Monaro vs heat 5 cops (Reward: M3 GTR with MW specs)

Hope you enjoy!

CHANGELOG 08/06/2020 1:53:
1)Floating BMW & lack of transmission FIXED!
2)Logos for Corvettes and GTOs
3)More apparent vinyls
4)Shorten Challenge Series description
5)Stats restored on bonus cars!

CHANGELOG 08/06/2020 2:26:
1)ADR Rims for preset GTO
2)Undercover GTO spawn in Pursuit Evasion lvl-3

CHANGELOG 08/06/2020 17:57:
1)Ronnie's Supra vinyl corrected

Thanks to RaTT for bug reports!

Together we are stronger :)



Edge (September 26, 2021 @ 18:48)
@GtasaCJ well, last I checked I fixed most of those. You can see it in update brackets. Enjoy!

GtasaCJ (September 23, 2021 @ 04:50)
@Edge did you fix them? I would love to try the mod

Edge (June 07, 2020 @ 12:53)
Thanks, bugs are bound to happen, will fix that.

RaTT (June 07, 2020 @ 12:07)
the cement truck has no localization

RaTT (June 07, 2020 @ 11:59)
the mwm3 transmission node doesn't exist

Uploaded at: June 03, 2020 @ 17:02


50fd39-MOST WANTED PACK fix.RAR (Size: 13.13MB) Latest Version
ba1a85-MOST WANTED PACK fix.RAR (Size: 13.13MB) Old Version
be7765-MOST WANTED PACK fix.RAR (Size: 13.13MB) Old Version