NFS World: Improved Pursuit Mod by Mefius

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NFS World: Improved Pursuit Mod

This mod changes the way pursuit cops are behaving in nfs world. Originally, when you start the pursuit, there tend to be only 1-2 cops at the beggining and it's too easy for me to simply outrun them. It does get a bit different with Heat increase, but the difficulty at higher heat is rather rhino/roadblock spam, rather than cops beign after you, they always are somewhere behind in the background in few numbers. Also Im not a big fan of mixing certain cop cars between heats, like you see at heat 3 both cops from heat 2 and 3.

DISCLAIMER!: Make sure you use this script by vlted on gamefiles used by offline server and not any online, cause it will most likely get you banned.

Here is a list of what I changed:
-changed the aivehicle values in order to raise cop top speed and to be more willing to accelerate
-changed cops torque curve to a lot higher values and different angle, it starts high and goes down low at a flatter pace. This means they actually can catch up to you
-revamped cop car distribution between heats:
heat 1: charger cops
heat 2: undercover charger cops
heat 3: mustang muscle cops mixed with gto
heat 4: undercover muscle cops mixed with undercover gto's
heat 5: federal corvettes, !OPTIONAL SCRIPT!: see below
-additionally I swapped heat 2 and 3 rhinos with their light version
-changed the amount of roadblocks and rhino waves to a MW'05 values, but then tweaked according to given feedback
-in order to keep the momentup of cops showing up, backup is spawned every minute
-tweaked the values responsible for boxin maneuvers, brakecheck, rolling block and stagger formation. Now the cops will first try to overtake you in order to brakecheck and eventually box you in, if they wont be able, they will use pit maneuver, sneaking behind is reduced to the minimum
-changed LostOfSight distances
-reduced the reaction time to 0.01
-reduced required cop amount in order to spawn additional units, increased amount of cops spawning
-increased evade cooldown time
-increased time per heat level
-increased collision mass to a TE level (not the cop car mass itself)

UPDATE: Thanks to RandomDriver08, health of charger cops have been increased and performance/aggresion of gtos and corvettes have been corrected.
UPDATE2: Updated Readme file
-fixed some of the spawn rates
-nerfed corvettes top speed and accel ratios, so it's not a rocket anymore
-removed custom accel/top speed ratio values for both head on suvs
-fixed incorrect heat 5 cops amount value
-increased time between rhinos for heat 3 and 4 from 35 seconds to 1 minute
-increased rhino amount for heat 5 from 2 to 3
-added rare roadblock spawn for heat 1 (no spike)
UPDATE4: Fixed silly mistake with missing heat 2 cop name
-fixed a typo, that prevented corvettes to spawn in Late Departure and Most Wanted TE
-Removed Supercharged rhinos from High Stakes and Underground as they were a bit too strong
-Removed annoying High Stakes and Underground mechanic, that let cops bust you even at very high speeds
-UPDATE6(I hope the last one): Now the bust mechanic in HS/UG is actually nerfed

Included scripts:
-SuperchargedSuvMix that mixes patrol supercharged suvs with heat 5 corvettes
-UndercoverVettesMix that mixes heat 6 black corvettes with heat 5 corvettes
-UndercoverVettesAndPatrolSuvsMix that mixes both above

TE revamp script, changes cop cars for different team escapes:
-High Stakes and Underground: heat 6 black corvettes and supercharged patrol suvs
-Outlaws: heat 1 chargers
-All In: undercover heat 2 chargers
-Home Run and Compromised: heat 3 mustangs and gtos
-Late Departure and Most Wanted: heat 4 mustangs, gtos, heat 5 vettes

-C0mmunityMindedMiner for similar MW mod as reference
-Little Mysterious Player for the feedback
-RandomDriver08 for feedback and helping out with knowledge


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Uploaded at: June 10, 2020 @ 12:24


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