Improved Pinkslips (NFS UC) by Boxout

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Improved Pinkslips (NFS UC)

Don't you hate how you just beat a pinkslip race, and instead of getting to pick one of the cars from the racers you just beat, you just get a stock variant of it? If yes this the mod for you. All pinkslip rewards have been replaced with pre-tuned cars you faced in races, or stolen.

<b>The changes:</b>
-First Pinkslips: All 7 cars been replaced by the pre-tuned variants of the ones you race against.
-Second Pinkslip: Both Audi TT and Charger SRT8 been replaced by their pre-tuned variants that you steal in the prior mission.
-Third Pinkslip: Stock Challenger '71 been replaced by the pre-tuned Charger '69, and all other cars with their correct pre-tuned variants you race against.
-Fourth Pinkslip: All cars been replaced by the last 4 cars you steal for G-Mac (Corvette Z06, McLaren F1, Ford GT, Bugatti Veyron)
-Fifth Pinkslip: Replaced Chase's M6 with the Audi S5 you use in one of the missions - I don't think it makes sense that you get to keep the car she drives away with

1. Open NFS-VltEd
2. Go to "File > Import > ModScript"
3. Select "pinkslips.nfsms" in the file you just downloaded
4. After NFS-VltEd is done making it's changes, go to "File > Save"
5. Done

<b><u>IMPORTANT NOTES:</b></u>
-This mod was done and tested on <b></b>, I haven't tested how it works on other versions, so use it at your own risk in them.
-You'll need to start a new savegame if you want to get the proper pinkslip cars from this mod, this mod doesn't alter your past rewards from your current savegames

-My boy <i>nfsu360</i> for making NFS-VltEd and making this mod possible.


Sinatra (August 31, 2020 @ 21:13)
All this does is crash with Ver

BreakinBenny (February 09, 2020 @ 14:47)
I would imagine you could fix the issue with the BMW M6 if one were to move the pink slip reward to the one for the Betrayed mission, since you escape using a Lexus IS-F from that.

KLEIN478 (December 30, 2019 @ 12:41)
Oh my god why. Im not sastified with this. It makes me to restart the game again cause i want to get those pinkslips :(

BreakinBenny (September 13, 2019 @ 16:58)
update_field gameplay mw2_career/unlock/E015_PS/award_pink_slip PinkSlipCarList racer_055,racer_058,racer_050,racer_054,racer_047,racer_057,racer_049

BreakinBenny (August 08, 2019 @ 18:44)
Here's a paste. Feedback appreciated:

update_field gameplay mw2_career/unlock/E226_PS/award_pink_slip PinkSlipCarList m32,m26,m28,m27
update_field gameplay mw2_career/unlock/E128_PS/award_pink_slip PinkSlipCarList racer_037,racer_038,racer_031,racer_045,racer_035,racer_040,racer_039
update_field gameplay mw2_career/unlock/E087_PS/award_pink_slip PinkSlipCarList m11_opponent,m11
update_field gameplay mw2_career/unlock/e470_ps/award_pink_slip PinkSlipCarList m17
update_field gameplay mw2_career/unlock/E015_P

Uploaded at: November 05, 2017 @ 21:56

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