Improved Pinkslips (NFS UC) by Boxout

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Improved Pinkslips (NFS UC)

Don't you hate how you just beat a pinkslip race, and instead of getting to pick one of the cars from the racers you just beat, you just get a stock variant of it? If yes this the mod for you. All pinkslip rewards have been replaced with pre-tuned cars you faced in races, or stolen.

<b>The changes:</b>
-First Pinkslips: All 7 cars been replaced by the pre-tuned variants of the ones you race against.
-Second Pinkslip: Both Audi TT and Charger SRT8 been replaced by their pre-tuned variants that you steal in the prior mission.
-Third Pinkslip: Stock Challenger '71 been replaced by the pre-tuned Charger '69, and all other cars with their correct pre-tuned variants you race against.
-Fourth Pinkslip: All cars been replaced by the last 4 cars you steal for G-Mac (Corvette Z06, McLaren F1, Ford GT, Bugatti Veyron)
-Fifth Pinkslip: Replaced Chase's M6 with the Audi S5 you use in one of the missions - I don't think it makes sense that you get to keep the car she drives away with

1. Open NFS-VltEd
2. Go to "File > Import > ModScript"
3. Select "pinkslips.nfsms" in the file you just downloaded
4. After NFS-VltEd is done making it's changes, go to "File > Save"
5. Done

<b><u>IMPORTANT NOTES:</b></u>
-This mod was done and tested on <b></b>, I haven't tested how it works on other versions, so use it at your own risk in them.
-You'll need to start a new savegame if you want to get the proper pinkslip cars from this mod, this mod doesn't alter your past rewards from your current savegames

-My boy <i>nfsu360</i> for making NFS-VltEd and making this mod possible.


BreakinBenny (May 16, 2019 @ 01:17)
An exception seems to be for the 2nd pink slip opportunity. It didn't crash at all!

BreakinBenny (May 16, 2019 @ 00:16)
I can confirm that this crashes the game in when you are forced to pick a car. Looks like an opportunity to make a version of this mod for that one!

Mazakami (November 10, 2017 @ 23:35)
an error while saving. the changes could not be saved. How to be?

Delatom (November 06, 2017 @ 18:09)
All we need now is......
Complete handling and physics fix.
I Hope somebody could make it possible.
Good job BTW!!!

Burnziie (November 06, 2017 @ 16:24)
Thanks for this, actually has been irking me for a very long time

Uploaded at: November 05, 2017 @ 21:56

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