[NFS] Custom HUD by Archie

Category: Interfaces | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

[NFS] Custom HUD


Need for Speed - Custom HUD

Games supported:
- Underground
- Underground 2
- MostWanted (+MWO)
- Carbon
- Undercover

GitHub link

Replaces original in game tachometer, speedometer and some other HUD elements.

- Copy files from "Install" folder to your game directory.
- Use CustomHud.ini to change HUD style(note available stlyles in "scripts\CustomHUD" folder or try creating your own).

Known issues:
- No support for Zone Meter in Undercover.
- No support for drift angle in UG and UG2.

Original idea goes to SpeedyHeart.
Thanks to SpeedyHeart, berkayylmao, rx, Red_Fire, MrAdam, elaymm4 and Tekizyte for help.
Made by Archie

You are NOT allowed to distribute or reupload this mod.

For any questions - join my Discord server.

If you have Error 126 try installing Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime


Update 1.1:
- Added Most Wanted support

Update 1.2:
- Added new HUD styles
- Added HotReloadKey - allows to change the hud without reloading the game
- Added ShowDebugInfo option
- Fixed compatibility issue with MWFixes script

Update 1.3:
- Added custom hud per car feature
you can find example in CARS\LANCEREVO9(for MW rename it to LANCEREVO8)
- Added analog speedometer element

Update 1.4:
- Added shift up icon(check U1 and U2 huds)
- Changed rendering order
- Added ArrowScale and ArrowCenterOffset to Gauge elements
- Added new mode for CustomCarHUDs that allows to show vanilla hud for cars that don't have specific one for them.

Update 1.5:
- Fixed an issue that causes some game hud elements stuck in MW
- Fixed crash during changing in game video settings or minimizing game window
- Added new hud styles(NFS World, NFS HP 2010)
- Changed some settings names in ini file

Update 1.5.1:
- Added experimental MWO support

Update 1.5.2:
- Added vanilla hud shake effect for Carbon
- Added Heat UNITΞ hud style

Update 1.6:
- Added Undercover support
- Added NFS Payback hud style
- Added new property to hide gauges when they are full

Update 1.7:
- Added Underground and Underground 2 support
- Added NFS 2022 concept hud style

Update 1.7.1
- Fixed boost issue for Underground


djnc97 (March 18, 2022 @ 12:32)
@Archie What, for example, versions of the Need For Speed: Undercover game does your mod support?

Archie (March 17, 2022 @ 20:52)
Yes, but only specific game versions are supported

djnc97 (March 17, 2022 @ 20:23)
"Undercover" really supported? When I start the game, it says: "This .exe is not supported", I downloaded version 1.6.1 of this mod. How to fix it?

TerminatorVasya (February 13, 2022 @ 18:56)
When nfs u2 support?

Xander707 (January 31, 2022 @ 01:00)
@Sonic49PH... Hello friend, once you download the file, temporarily disable your antivirus, since ".asi" files are detected as false positives, after that, add the extension and the file to the antivirus exclusions, ready.

Uploaded at: June 29, 2020 @ 20:59


30ec86-CustomHUD_1.7.1.rar (Size: 2.18MB) Latest Version
2b995d-CustomHUD_1.7.0.rar (Size: 2.18MB) Old Version
09145b-CustomHUD_1.6.1.rar (Size: 1.97MB) Old Version