NFSW Custom Neon's Pack by DavidCarbon

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NFSW Custom Neon's Pack

NFS World
Neon's Pack

The world's first community created neon designs for Neons in Need for Speed: World

New Visual Brand will be added to mark a new era of designs:
- Eagle Jump

What Neons are included:
- Year 10
- Soapbox Race World
- Eagle Jump
- NFS French Events
- NFSW Community Hub
- NightRiderz
- The World Is Ours
- WorldOnline.PL
- World Evolved
- WorldUnited.GG
- Freeroam Sparkserver
- Underground Stage
- Error Codes
- Wumpus
- Divo
- 2009 NFS:W
- StraightUpHippo
- Stacked Deck
- Bushido
- 21st Century


There is 2 different installation methods:
- Simple Installation: If you didn't install any mods to your game before, just use this method to replace the files.
- Advanced Installation: If you have installed mods before, use this method to avoid collisions and issues with other mods.
If you're unsure, use the "Replacement" version and "Simple Installation" method.

Simple Installation:

1) Open the folder of the version you want. ("Add-On" or "Replacement")
2) Copy the Global folder to your NFS World Data directory. (The one which contains nfsw.exe and other folders like CARS, FRONTEND, Tracks, etc.)
3) If you have installed the replacement version, you're done. Else, continue with the steps below:

Steps only for Add-On version:

4) Copy the Cars folder to your NFS World Data directory.
5) Copy the www folder into your server's main directory.


Advanced Installation: (Make sure to backup NeonGlows.bin)

1) Install and Run NFS-TexEd.
1a) Download NFS-TexEd v1.7 from here:
1b) Extract the downloaded archive anywhere.
1c) Double tap (click) "NFS-TexEd.exe" or hold (right click) "NFS-TexEd.exe" and choose "Run as administrator."
2) Choose the "NeonGlows.bin" in your (NFS World Data directory)\Global folder.
3) Choose Texture > Add/Replace From Folder option. A window will pop up.
4) In this window, simply choose the "Textures" folder found in (Version)\Advanced Installation directory.
5) Save the changes and quit NFS-TexEd.
6) If you have installed the replacement version, you're done. Else, continue with the steps below:

Steps only for Add-On version:

7) Add the neon's CarPart data using Aaron.
-) If you haven't added plates before, just replace your CarParts\NEON_GLOW.json file with the one in the folder.
-) If you have added plates before, add the configurations found in the CarParts\NEON_GLOW.json.txt file into your CarParts\NEON_GLOW.json file.
7a) Execute Aaron.
7b) Select File > Open Project and choose your project.aproj file.
7c) Select File > Save to create a GlobalC.lzc file and quit Aaron.
7d) Copy the GlobalC.lzc file created in your (Aaron Project)\bin folder into your game's Cars directory.
8) Add the required catalog data to make new neon's appear in Aftermarket Shop.
8a) Add the contents of catalog\productsInCategory_STORE_VANITY_NEON.xml.txt into your server's www\soapbox\Engine.svc\catalog\productsInCategory_STORE_VANITY_NEON.xml file.
9) Install the mod script via NFS-VltEd to create commerce entries for the new plates.
9a) Download NFS-VltEd v4.6 from here:
9b) Extract the downloaded archive anywhere.
9c) Double tap (click) "NFS-VltEd.exe" or hold (right click) "NFS-VltEd.exe" and choose "Run as administrator."
9d) Select your NFS World Data directory.
9e) Press Ctrl+I or choose File > Import > ModScript from the menu.
9f) When it asks for the script, choose ModScript\ EJ-Neon-Commerce.nfsms file.
9g) Save the changes and quit NFS-VltEd.



- Replacement version textures only includes textures since there is a high change the certain neon's wouldn't be replaced

- "Add-On" --> "Advanced Installation" includes a premade Aaron config to use with vanilla game, I also included a text file which has only the neons to add into your Aaron config.


Changelog: (+ Addition, * Change, ! Attention, - Deletion)

+ Initial release.

Added the following Neons:
+ Divo Neon
+ 2009 NFS:W Neon
+ StraightUpHippo Neon

* Changed MipMap from 11 to 1 (fixes visual bug for low graphics)

What was Added:
+ TFK Neon
+ Stacked Deck Neon
+ Bushido Neon
+ 21st Century Neon


Main Creator:
- DavidCarbon

Thanks to the following people and their programs or help:
- heyitsleo (Aaron)
- nfsu360 (NFS-TexEd & NFS-VltEd)
- nlgzrgn (Mentioning DXT Pixel Format & Mod installation directions)
- And you! :)


You can check out the development History for this project at:

©? 2020 DavidCarbon and their respective owners

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DavidCarbon (July 02, 2020 @ 02:20)
You add it to your offline server folder @RandomLagger

RandomLagger (July 02, 2020 @ 01:03)
For the simple add-on, where do I go to add the www folder?