NFS Undercover Improved Semi Truck Traffic by GertrudeFremont

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NFS Undercover Improved Semi Truck Traffic


This mod essentially alters the spawn rates of the Semi Truck Traffic in the game (since they were extremely rare) and also restores a cut variant of a trailer.

Changes (v1.0)
  • Increased spawn rate of Box Trailer variant on highways
  • Flatbed variant now spawns on highways
  • Increased spawn rate of Flatbed variant in canyons
  • Trailerless semi trucks now spawn in canyons
  • Restored cut Log Trailer variant and now they spawn on highways and in canyons

Unfortunately, the Log variant doesn't function like it did in Need for Speed Most Wanted or Carbon, meaning if you collide with the truck, the logs don't fall off.


  • Backup your GLOBAL folder
  • Download the latest version of NFS VltEd
  • Download and extract my mod
  • Run VltEd as an administrator
  • Go to File>>Import>>ModScript
  • Navigate to the ModScript provided by my mod and click open
  • Click install
  • Click File>>Save
  • Done! Enjoy the mod!


  • Restore the backup of your GLOBAL folder to the root directory of the game


  • GertrudeFremont (myself) for the Modscript
  • nfsu360 for creating NFS VltEd and therefore making this mod possible
  • Black Box for creating the original game

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video



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Uploaded at: July 22, 2020 @ 14:07