NFS Prostreet To Undercover Patch 4.4 by LegSolo

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NFS Prostreet To Undercover Patch 4.4


Patch by LegSolo
Credit to:
Ti sonic model donation/ tester
Neon - beta tester
Patas de pavo -beta tester/bug reporter
bullshark - beta tester
Miles dipperion -beta tester/mod and model donation
PS HANDLING MODEL (not perfect but works nicely)
So the mod was created via VLTED 4.6 so i recommend using that, 4.5 may not work so keep that in mind.
simply look through the folders and install the scripts through vlt, onece there installed, simply save and launch the game.
Some cars appear rather too fast like the mclaren f1, or too slow. (fixed in the next update)
although the hero stuff is mainly gone like assists wise, the none flip, grip boost still remain probs hardcoded
some cars still feel a bit wonky in some areas as uc physics model is quite a bit different from ps's but its still better than original
any other bugs found leave them in the comments and ill get around to looking into them, thanks.

Patch 4.4 Hotfix
-Added Simarcade Handling (early Wip so use with caution, for best results install last!)
-Added Nos Fx colors
-Fixed a few small bugs

Patch 4.2 Notes
-Added saleen s7
-Added saleen s281
-Added cliov6
-Added Mustang 03 gt
-Added Gallardo
-Added bmw 1m
-Added eclipse gsx
-Added golf gti
-Added cobaltss
-Added new lighting
-Added new tweaks to handling/perf
-Added LS Concept
-Added integrals/typer
-Added honda civic
- General tweaks/fixes new cars ect

Patch 2.2
- Added Files for those who cant install scripts or having issues
- Fixed WRX and 350z

Patch 2.1 Hotfix
- sorted folders within the mod as it was a mess and confusing
- tweaked lighting and removed piss filter - thanks to badassbaboon

Patch 2.1
- Added WRX ( still wip same state as 350Z)
- Fixed GT500 both cars perfs
- Fixed some suspension stuff for LP5640
- Fixed EU Ford Focus and Escort Patch

Patch 2.0
- Tweaked AI
- Restored Nissan 350Z
- Custom Performance for 350Z
- Added Option to change cars Prices
- Random General Tweaks and Fixes

Patch 1.8
- New Prototype Handling for challenger concept (more drifty and slidey muscles)
- Nerfed GTR and GT2 as there stock variants were way too powerful
- Adjusted the GT500 performance and suspension data
- Added PS camera Angles To the patch
- Tweaked AI again
- Adjusted several cars handling values, E92 for example is now capable of drifting instead of understeering.

Patch 1.5
- adjusted golf r32 performance/buffed
-tweaked police rhino performance
-adjusted Audi TT performance

Patch 1.4.2 HotFix Notes
- Adjusted overall AI difficulty
- Reduced Catchup/rubberanding
- Removed Racer Slowdown
After around 2 hours of tweaking the AI and testing its now a balanced and challenging experiance, no longer getting smashed out the way every 2 seconds.

Patch 1.4 Notes
- Fixed suspension bottoming on some more cars
- Fixed Performance of some camaro ss and elise
- Added The Run Mod to the patch.
- Tweaked Ai in Races to be less Aggressive
- Tweaked Rhino Perfomance and Handling Data
- Added Heavy Traffic Mod to patch
- Tweaked Rubberband/Catchup with Ai

Patch 1.2 Notes
- Fixed suspension bottoming out on several cars.
- Fixed Performance of some cars that were too slow and too Fast.
- Fixed Mazda3 gokart handling and performance.
- Fixed a few general tweaks that caused some cars like ev0x to be extremely stiff.
- Fixed Challenger Concept (unfinished handling model now fully reworked)
- Removed Global Speedlimter (cars reach full potential set by there ratios)
- Tweaked overall Grip settings with most cars allowing them to drift/oversteer more frequently
- Fixed some slow and sluggish muslce cars
- Nerfed Mclaren F1 partially, Reworked Tuned preset to be less grippy
- Lots of general bug fixes and tweaks

Patch 1.0 Notes
- Fixed suspension bottoming out on several cars.
- Fixed Performance of some cars that were too slow and too Fast.
- Fixed Mazda3 gokart handling and performance.
- Fixed a few general tweaks that caused some cars like ev0x to be extremely stiff.


LegSolo (September 24, 2020 @ 11:49)
@skullyxl is most likely your game mate, different version get weird bugs when using mods, someone had the civic topping out at 7mph but on everyone elses copy who tried it it was fine, the main is installed when you install the INSTALL THIS OR GAME WILL CRASH script as its a launcher for it, try reinstalling the mod ifthat doesnt help, rather try another copy of the game or copy the data from ps's ecar and that will sort it mate :v

SkullyXL (September 23, 2020 @ 22:11)
fantastic mod dude. this is definitely my favorite for undercover, props to you and those who helped ya

on a side note, i thought i should mention that i spotted a weird RX-8 bug. the back wheels are far away from the car's body.

i wonder if it's because i installed this mod wrong? i followed exactly the steps on the readme, but im not sure if the 'main.nfsms' is supposed to be installed too

Swooning (September 22, 2020 @ 21:22)
do you think you could add new preset AI opponents so the new cars could have their chance to shine as AI rivals?

Marqueseroe (September 20, 2020 @ 13:21)
Ah understood. thanks for answering me

LegSolo (September 20, 2020 @ 12:38)
the subaru was removed as it needs fixing, will be added back soon and as for the graphic mod, there set for only the default visual zone, you have to install the 1 TOD included in the mod for it to work correctly. the text names thats nfs for you, it tries to put them in as it can but you wont ever get it perfect.


Uploaded at: August 08, 2020 @ 17:00