NFSMW12 - Underground 2 Skyline Livery by Venomleggs

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)

NFSMW12 - Underground 2 Skyline Livery

This mod replaces the Skyline's "Abstract" (black/white) livery with one resembling the Player's Skyline from Underground 2

Included is a variant with silver wheels rather than the standard black/red ones.

To install the car:

1. Backup the respective .BNDL files in \Need for Speed Most Wanted\VEHICLES\
2. Place the new .BNDL files in the same folder

To install the icon:

3. Back up the respective vanilla .BNDL files from \Need for Speed(TM) Most Wanted\UI\IMAGES\STREAMED
4. Place the new .BNDL files in the same folder

*I had some trouble with silver wheels on the low-poly models. After some testing I made the crashes stop,
but if you get any crashes, just use the variant with black wheels.
(the crashes often happened when approaching the Skyline's "Beltway East" jackspot & when
switching to another car from the Skyline. Basically it happened whenever the low-poly model was loaded)

Tools used:

-NFSMW Texture Unpacker/Replacer -
-GIMP 2.10 w/ DDS Plug-In

Do not reupload!


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