Undercover Visual Enhancement Mod by BadassBaboon

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Undercover Visual Enhancement Mod

NFS: Undercover Visual Enhancement Mod

After working on two graphic modifications for Undercover in the past, I've decided to finish what I've started. I present to you, Undercover Visual Enhancement Mod; This mod rebuilds the entire visuals of Undercover, draw distance is improved and properly masked, bloom now perfectly blends with the environment and with a total of 10 custom skyboxes in 8K and 4K resolutions that are restored directly into the game files, I was able to give each zone of the map a unique and vibrant look just to name a few of the features. Removed content such as NOS Glow is also restored.


- MAJOR stability and performance improvements
- Fixed the skybox cap issue
- Fixed the color bleeding issue in Tri City's skybox
- Fixed the over-saturated road reflection issues with certain zones
- Added HD vegetation (This might cause lags on low-end PCs, but will be optimized later)
- Added two new and much more detailed skyboxes
- Added a new weather type - Storm Clouds
- Removed the 2nd skybox style due to performance issues
- Removed DXT5 compression for better quality
- Replaced the AA solution with BIAA
- Introduced custom color cubes for better lighting results
- Zones have been readjusted for a smoother transition experience
- Installation is now easier and cross-mod compatible
- Reshade preset has been adjusted to be more performance-friendly

- Proper Anti-Aliasing using DLAA
- Ray Traced Global Illumination
- Image depth and sharpening
- Prism effect to help with the sense of speed

- Decreased the file size by downscaling some textures
- Stability improvements
- Fixed over saturated sun in Port Crescent (If still visible, it's probably caused by game texture issues)

CREDITS: BadassBaboon
Thanks to Brad for providing a solution for water and window reflections
Thanks to Patas De Pavo for testing the mod and providing support and feedback
Thanks to LegSolo for providing useful tips
Thanks to Xan for providing a Reshade fork for NFS Games

+ Zone-based timecycle and weather system
> Cotton Candy Sunset
> Cloudy Sunset
> Cloudy
> Light and Dark Dawn
> Light and Dark Overcast
> Vice City Dawn
> Regular Sunny
> Incandescent Sunny
> Poleward Sunny
> Partly Sunny Dusk

+ 10 custom 4K and 8K HDRI skyboxes
+ Improved water
+ Improved effects and emitters
+ Improved shaders
+ Improved lights and flares
+ Improved Carbon Fiber to look more realistic
+ Increased the draw distance for some emitters and road reflections
+ Increased the draw distance for water and building reflections (Thanks to Brad)
+ Properly utilized bloom
+ Restored NOS glow / smoke
+ Disabled lightstreaks / anime speed effect
+ Fixed Speedbreaker's over-saturation
+ Removed piss filter


Reshade Enhancements


GrandTextAuthor (October 05, 2022 @ 18:13)
It looks cool, but crashes the game randomly.

Toxix69 (August 16, 2021 @ 09:28)
@BadassBaboon will it cause low fps or anything

Lester (May 02, 2021 @ 17:16)
Nice mod. Keep it going!

JackJohnson (December 25, 2020 @ 12:21)
@Baboon Okay, Thanks for the advice

BadassBaboon (December 25, 2020 @ 11:22)
@JackJohnson That mod is extremely outdated, if you want a less memory consuming mod, you should use Project Overhaul: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1128

Uploaded at: September 23, 2020 @ 13:28


310749-UCVE-BETA-4.7z (Size: 36.77MB) Latest Version
0051f9-UCVE-BETA-3.7z (Size: 19.89MB) Old Version
f98c9b-UCVE-BETA-2.7z (Size: 18.99MB) Old Version