Project Unite: NFS Heat by Project Unite Team

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Heat

Project Unite: NFS Heat

Project Unite combines the best of the mods for Need For Speed Heat to make a one big modpack.
The mod contains :
- Various sound imports.
- Graphics improved drastically.
- New retextured roads.
- Overhauled pursuit system.
- Extended customization
- Extended stance tuning.
- Various beta HUD items restored.
- New billboards and posters replaced.
- AWD swaps have been added for a lot of cars.
- Money can now be earned in night-time.
- New retextured BBS Turbofans.
- New license plate and license plate frames.

New in 2.2:

- Enhanced visual damage. Body parts can now fall off when you damage your car enough, that applies to cops too. (Works on all cars except 180SX, BRZ and Diablo)
- Fixed the American Racing wheels for the Camaro
- The black background for the subtitles is back.

Project Unite Discord Server Link:

The .rar file contains a README.txt with installation instructions as well as a link to more detailed changelog in our server.


Chazerzz (November 19, 2020 @ 22:33)
Can I download and play without the actual game?

SRK (October 23, 2020 @ 16:21)
That’s pog 😮

Antrix (October 22, 2020 @ 16:00)
Theres something better coming :*

Opzzz (October 17, 2020 @ 02:25)
@Shorty you dont use it in fmm you use it in fe

Shorty (October 15, 2020 @ 19:23)
Frosty mod Manager say that File is not a valied Frosty mod Manager


Uploaded at: September 24, 2020 @ 21:02


4086ee-Project Unite (Size: 13.31KB) Latest Version
cf33f1-Project Unite (Size: 13.31KB) Old Version
18fbff-Project Unite 2.1 Hotfix (Size: 13.31KB) Old Version