Underground Challenges by MrAdam

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Underground Challenges


Underground Challenges is a mod aiming to revamp the main career mode of the game, as well as introduce a somewhat new and "original" story

Full changelog:
- Most races are not hidden anymore
- Outrun cash rewards have been increased
- Bank around the map has been removed
- SUV's have been locked and their races were used for other modes
- Magazines have been mostly removed
- DVD covers have been reduced to 1 per stage
- Some race cash rewards have been changed
- Some cutscenes were removed
- Added more visual/performance world challenges
- Most shops are now automatically locked and special contract races need to be beaten to unlock them
- URL's were reduced to 1 per stage, besides Stage 1, but made longer
- Car unlocks were changed, instead of unlocking by beating URL's, you have Test Drive races which you need to beat to unlock cars
- Sponsored races and URL's now have you drive a player car
- URL opponents are all preset story characters
- Sponsored races have their own roster of racers
- Performance parts have had their unlocks changed
- Sponsor cash has been balanced
- Tip SMS's were mostly removed
- Sponsor cars were removed
- There is added headlight bulb colors and decals, as well as a Playstation 2 and Playstation 2 Slim that you can install as a trunk component
- Best Buy ads were replaced with ug2net ads
- More triggers were added for events
- Added "rival" characters that appear in most races
- DVD covers had their cash rewards increased
- You need to beat all races in each stage now to progress
- URL's now reward more bank
- Organic drifts now have opponents
- All camber giving suspension parts were removed
- Added 350z Sha-Dou vinyl for a story character preset
- Changed a crib change part icon
- Changed the City Core Quick Race icon
- Changed the Circuit, Drag, Sprint and URL icons to beta ones
- Changed the icon of shops and such to a beta icon for the crib
- Megalow Parts uses it's proper shop
- Visual rating is not required to progress
- Olympic Imports support
Stage 0:
- You drive the protagonist's Hyundai Tiburon GT
- Races feature new racers
- Moved Stage 1 Drift to Stage 0
- Added URL required to be beaten to finish Stage 0
- Added a magazine cover
NOTE: Go to the car lot after finishing all races in order to advance
Stage 1:
- Removed Drift race as it was moved to Stage 0
Stage 3:
- A Drift race had it's laps reduced to 2
- The RSX is only unlockable on US or modded EU copies
- Added a rival character boss race as the stage finish
Stage 4:
- 3 Circuits had it's laps reduced to 2
- There are 2 boss races you need to complete to finish the stage
- Changed locations of 2 Drag races
Stage 5:
- There is no sponsors in this stage, or sponsored races
- You have 4 boss races to beat, and a final boss race to complete this stage and the story
- The final race with Caleb is removed
- 4 Circuits had their laps reduced to 2
- A Drift race had it's laps reduced to 2

1. Install the endscript with Binary 2.2.0 or higher
2. Save, and that's it
NOTE: Don't worry about the installation taking a while, it's supposed to take from 5-10 minutes usually

- Binary 2.2.0 https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1638
- NFSU2 Unlimiter https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1588 (make sure to enable the WorldCrashFixes, NewCarsCanBeDrivenByAI and ExpandMemoryPools)
- Nissan Skyline R33 Nismo 400R https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1975
- a brain

Known issues:
- Some boss races are hidden because i cannot lock them until they're meant to be unlocked, so if you stumble upon a hidden race with the name of a story character, don't engage it until the SMS's tell you about it for the best experience
- The opponents in Organic Drifts suck, i tried increasing their SkillLevel to the highest but they still are terrible
- Not all the races are visible on the map in later stages, this is due to a limit i cannot fix
- The text in some Stage 0 events is fucked, that's not something i can fix
- The stage completion statistics are partially broken
- There is no indication for unlocking the additional world challenges after beating all outruns in a stage, they'll appear on your map though and opponents will stop spawning in freeroam
- You can't unlock the 5th car slot cause Stage 5 has no sponsors

There is also unlock maps in the folder "unlock maps" you can use to identify where are races that unlock shops and cars

Lexal: Command help, unlock maps, some of the SMS rewrites, bug reports and more
Ketsueki: Thumbnail and promotional media
Maxhwoy: Helping me figure out a "Stack Empty" issue in the script
Speedyheart: Beta UG2 icons

Depending on this mod's success, i am planning DLC's for it in the future to expand on it

I also have a Discord server where you can report issues, get updated on mod updates, etc: https://discord.gg/HSKhx4d
Alternatively i have a mods only Twitter for the same purposes: https://twitter.com/mradam2005mods


MrAdam (October 21, 2020 @ 15:22)
i wanted it to be something underrated and not often used, stuff like the Toyota Supra or Mazda RX-7 have a lot of popularity of their own so i originally went with a Sentra, but it's performance was lackluster hence the Tiburon GT

TheKrzysiek (October 21, 2020 @ 09:03)
Really nice mod so far, only issue i had so far is first race to unlock performance shop is pretty tough and am not biggest fan of driving the Tiburon so much, I think having some kind of hero car is cool idea but I think if you're going to be driving it a lot, it'd be better if it was something that handles (and looks) better, maybe RX7.

exlaye (October 10, 2020 @ 20:57)
xd 159 errors

Burnziie (October 10, 2020 @ 18:27)
A redone UG2 career, sounds absolutely perfect for me. Always did want some more set story bosses. Reminds me of UG1 then.

Uploaded at: October 09, 2020 @ 12:32


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