Undercover deals pack by TiSonic

Category: Cars | Game: Need for Speed: Undercover

Undercover deals pack

"Undercover Dealer" pack
For NFS:Undercover

Technical Information:

Made by : Ti-Sonic
Converted from various games
Replaces: Nothing
" Welcome here, he have some new cars for ya, dig in !"

Basically saying, the purpose of the mod is to propose a couple of cars
unlike NFSPS, the cars that will appear in the future updates will be entirely random !

Current cars added:
- Audi RS3 Sportback '11
- BMW 850Csi
- Ferrari F12 TDF
- Lamborghini Reventon
- Mercedes S65 AMG
- Porsche Cayenne Turbo '09

- each car gets it's own set of customizations. Usually all parts can be equipped,
except the tuned stratospeed kits in most cases. Some of them are updated from my previous works.

The cars present in this pack will be made on par so they don't look too out of place compared
to the vanilla ones. It's up to you to buy the one you prefer !

The folder : "EdTCD - Miles updated version" contains an updated version of Ed to enable kits on other cars,
as the original Ed got ditched without having this ability solved.
Installation :
All steps are included in the Readme.txt. Make sure to read it well, otherwise you're in for a bad surprise.

I hope you'll like this mod as much as I liked to make it.
If you badly install it, you're on your own, I don't take responsibility for that, and I won't help either especially if it comes to useless requests. Hope you understand.

Tested only on versions, other versions may differ. However, if you have a version prior to this version,
or updated, fill in the details so I can help you better to solve your issues. For now, only on NFSMods.

Nlgzrgn for Ed TcD
Miles for updating Ed
nfsu360 for CarToolkit 3.1
Playground Games,Black Box,EA/Firemonkeys for their models
DMN for some rips
Me for some custom-made parts and textures



Johnlong (October 12, 2020 @ 08:01)
I Can Pimp My Cayenne!