NFS Most Wanted: Pepega Edition - Anniversary Update (2.0.1) by Team Pepega

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NFS Most Wanted: Pepega Edition - Anniversary Update (2.0.1)

The Pepega Edition is a mod for Need for Speed Most Wanted that adds a bunch of memes and funny elements into the game, along with countless additions in regards to customization, cars and playable content.
It changes everything including cars, textures, text, music, sounds, cutscenes and many other things. You will be able to play through a completely different career and challenge series as well as find a lot of changes within the game world along with completely new content!

  • Overhauled Career mode
  • Custom Story- and Challenge Series Cutscenes
  • 15 new Bosses with custom Cars, Cutscenes and Flavor Text
  • 100 Cars are available for purchase and customization along with many bonus cars
  • Expanded customization options: New Rims, Spoilers, Vinyls, Decals and much more
  • Entirely new Challenge Series with 125 new Challenges to beat
  • Completely remade world map
  • 95 new race tracks for both Career and Challenge Series
  • New Police Colors, Cars and Heat Levels
  • Memes and little Details on almost every corner of the Map
  • Updated Game Lighting and Colors

Launch "Installer.exe" and follow the instructions.
To uninstall the mod simply use "Uninstaller.exe".


  • New events on handmade, unique tracks - 95 in total!
  • Three new Blacklist members
  • Slightly altered storyline with new voice messages
  • Increased payouts

Challenge Series:
  • 44 New Events for a total of 125! Some of these even feature new objectives!
  • Many of the old events have been revamped with new cutscenes and other improvements.

  • 34 new and customizable cars for a total of 100 cars available at the car lot
  • Several old cars have been remastered with enhanced visuals, customization, and more
  • Improved engine sounds for old and new cars

  • New customization options added: New Rims and spoilers, Brakes and License Plates, etc.
  • 69 unique liveries made by our Discord community (nice)
  • Several new decals
  • Two new HUD's + Remastered HUD's from 1.0

Car Types:
  • Unlimited Spec: These cars have unique customization options available such as roofs, head- and rear lights, interior and more!
  • Drift Spec: The handling of these cars is designed for drifting! Pick them up separately in the car lot once unlocked.

  • It's Summer in Cockport! Enjoy luscious vegetation and more colors which make for a new driving experience!
  • More easter eggs placed throughout the districts

  • One new Heat Level
  • 14 new music tracks (optional)
  • New UI colors (optional)
  • HD FMV support
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements


Brought to you by Team Pepega:

With generous contributions from:
3di mod boosta - Corsa VXR
77x5ghost - Cunto Textures
Aceofsquares3 - FXXK Sound Mod
ACR and KINOman- Fiat Multipla (Fenders, diffuser and splitter: ACR; Main car by KINOman)
Aero_ - HD Content Support
AJ_Lethal - 240SX, Skyline, MR2 AW11/SW20 and smol fix
AJM3899 - Alpine
AlbinoBuffalo_80 - Cybertruck Bodykits, Corvette Extra Customization
AlekGT99 - Traffic Fix
Avalanche - Better Light Flares
Cba - Intro music
Clxbsport - Additional Licenseplate Textures
CommunityMindedMiner - Copstack and Corolla GT-S
djoverlay - ForTwo
DumplingTanuki - Various vinyls and decals
Eclipse72rus - Dom's Charger, FXXK, Silvia S13, Camaro ZL1, 600LT, Ford GT, HSV Maloo and Rim Pack
Ellis Racing - Spoiler Packs, Cayman S Unlimiter and RX7 FD Model Update
Emosen - FAK500 and various textures
Extra Options Team - Extra Options and Race Fixes
Gamer boy - Furai
Goodboygamer - Astra OPC X-treme
GrimMaple - MWFixes
Grixan99 - Acura RSX
GSN0S - Additional Licenseplate Textures
LittleBitGachi - Billy Intro
Meg.A.Byte - Wipeout Bodykits
Michael Werd - NFS The Run Traffic
MilesDipperion - Lancer Evo X
Minorikawa_Fuso - Type-59 Tank and UFO
nlgzrgn - Licensed Traffic, NFSMW Unlimiter, Leftover Brakes and Mustang GT
r1tavratask1 - Police Lights from Silvia S15
Red_Fire - Rimac, Java M3, Java Cop, Java Cop SUV, Fixes to Cop M3, 350Z Java and new Sonic Cart
sbcars11 - MpV
Stereo - Reliant Robin Base
The_Unpun1shed - New Gauges, New Engine Sounds and some cutscenes
ThirteenAG - Widescreen Fix and Xbox Rain Droplets
trackmaniamatt - E3 Demo Race
Vitim - Passat B5
Wojach - Maluch and Yugo
Xanvier - NFS Music Player
YochiThMaster333 - Lada Samara and MX5 Miata
Zvott96 - 350Z, '69 Charger (with trackmaniamatt & Zyphir), Camaro SS (with trackmaniamatt)
Special thanks to everyone that submitted a community livery on our Discord server!

Legacy v1.0 Contributions:
AJM3899 - Takumi AE86
Ellis Racing - Customizable M3 GTR & E46
Giovane - Sonic Speed Star
Modder900 - M3 GTR Pursuit Vehicle
And everyone else that contributed ideas through the Google form!

NFS-specific Tools used:
BIN Model Viewer
Binary by MaxHwoy
CarToolKit by nfsu360
EA Vp6 Encoder by MJ_Realm
Labrune by nlgzrgn
LangEd by nfsu360
MW Mod Tools GUI by K1llM@n
MW Music Importer by BadHairDay
MW Race Planning GUI by MaxHwoy
MW ReCompiler by MWInside
nfstc_argb_dxt3 by nfsu360
Phone Call and Cop Speech - Importer/Exporter Toolkit by Zyphir
RacEd by MaxHwoy
SATEditor by nlgzrgn
TexEd by nfsu360
VltEd by nfsu360

Commercial Tools used:
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Autodesk 3ds Max
Cinema 4D
FL Studio 20
IntelliJ IDEA
iZotope RX 8
Magix Vegas Pro
Notepad ++

Special Thanks


Kaog (February 05, 2024 @ 15:07)
Does it already include the game?

[Deleted Account] (January 11, 2024 @ 00:12)
I'm having some problems with this mod, I've reinstalled it like five times already but the funny jokes are never installed.

I think the authors of this mod forgot to upload the jokes with the rest of the files.

[Deleted Account] (January 11, 2024 @ 00:12)
I need some troubleshooting, I can't find the joke...

Kaog (January 21, 2023 @ 21:42)
Esta en español también?

Fletcherism (October 09, 2022 @ 19:28)
Yeah, there was more parts in albinobuffalo's corvette extra customization now this mod is disappeared so i'll restore it.


Uploaded at: October 23, 2020 @ 11:47