NFS Most Wanted: Pepega Edition by DustinEden, Aceofsquares, Edelgaspirat, falefee, kingjackskellington, Wohakoth, Zyphir

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NFS Most Wanted: Pepega Edition

The Pepega Edition is a mod for Need for Speed Most Wanted that adds a bunch of memes and funny elements into the game.
It changes everything including cars, textures, text, music, sounds, cutscenes and many other things. You will be able to play through a completely different career and challenge series as well as find a lot of changes within the game world along with completely new content!

  • Overhauled Story mode
  • Custom Story and Challenge Series Cutscenes
  • 15 new Bosses with custom Cars, Cutscenes and Flavor Text
  • 50 Cars are available for purchase and customization
  • Additional Vinyls and Decals available in the customization options
  • Exclusive and Special Cars in the Bonus Cars for Quick Race
  • Entirely new Challenge Series with 75 new Challenges to beat
  • New Police Colors, Cars and Heat Levels
  • Memes and little Details on almost every corner of the Map
  • Updated Game Lighting and Colors

Installation instructions are provided in the included read me, please read it. You will have an automatic installer and a manual one along with an FAQ for any questions you may have.


3di mod boosta - Corsa VXR
77x5ghost - Cunto Textures
AJ_Lethal - 240SX, Skyline and smol fix
AJM3899 - Takumi AE86 and Alpine
AlekGT99 - Traffic Fix
Cba - Intro music
CommunityMindedMiner - Copstack
Corvettez06 - Dom's Charger, FXXK and HSV Maloo
djoverlay - ForTwo
DumplingTanuki - Various vinyls and decals
Emosen - FAK500 and various textures
Gamer boy - Furai
Giovane - Sonic Speed Star
Goodboygamer - Astra OPC X-treme
GrimMaple - MWFixes
LittleBitGachi - Billy Intro
Michael Werd - NFS The Run Traffic
Minorikawa_Fuso - Type-59 Tank
Modder900 - M3 GTR Pursuit Vehicle
nlgzrgn - Licensed Traffic and NFSMW Unlimited
PorscheDudeGT3 - Customizable M3
r1tavratask1 - Police Lights from Silvia S15
Red_Fire - Rimac
sbcars11 - MpV
The_Unpun1shed - New Gauges and some cutscenes
ThirteenAG - Widescreen Fix
trackmaniamatt - E3 Demo Race
Wojach - Maluch and Yugo
YochiThMaster333 - Lada Samara

And everyone else that contributed ideas through the Google form!

Tools used

Binary by MaxHwoy
Labrune by nlgzrgn
LangEd by nfsu360
MW Race Planning GUI by MaxHwoy
MW ReCompiler by MWInside
MW Music Importer by BadHairDay
TexEd by nfsu360
VltEd by nfsu360

Special Thanks



Pandaantihype29rus (January 22, 2021 @ 20:28)
Great idea to make the game more interesting and more fun, not to be honest I am very glad that in this game there are memes and he pepega and the color of the police car similar like from GTA Vice City and I am very surprised that there are VAZ (Lada) 2114 ( Samara) is true and at least one car of the Russian car industry, but to be honest fourteenth model, this Vase is for me very important detail of my life and no wonder I have it

NFSFozra911 (January 18, 2021 @ 08:17)
But im love Java 350z.

NFSFozra911 (January 18, 2021 @ 08:15)
Mod is good?

ShOvK (January 15, 2021 @ 10:11)
I have a problem: When I launch the game, in main menu after about 0.5 sec. Game is freeze, and Flies to the desktop. I installed it correctly, as in the instructions, it launches, but crashes almost immediately as I enter the main menu.

Zyphir (January 09, 2021 @ 15:00)
Noted it down. You will be credited accordingly.


Uploaded at: October 23, 2020 @ 11:47