NFSC Hon_s2k_d Fix by DJ92GTREXTREME

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NFSC Hon_s2k_d Fix


Hey What's up guys, this mod fix wrong port made by EA,and restores .Gin Hon_s2k_d(also called 2f2f Honda s2000 maybe with supercharger centrifugal) sound like Brian's Lancer Evo II on Movie

-Open VLT 4.6,select NFS Carbon folder,Ctrl + I -> select the archive (NFSC Hon_s2k_d.nfsms),save and enjoy :)
-Honda S2000 Tuned uses correct abk(Gin File is from the NFSMW, I include in this mod,how to install:Copy and Past to GIn Folder (Sound->Engine->Gin)
-2005/2006 Lotus Elise 111R has new Sound and 1993 Nissan 240 SX uses Leftover sound from NFSU2

-Please Backup you archives first;
-Do you have any problems or bugs tell me in the comments

VLT 4.6 by NFS 360

-You can modify it for your only own use
-Do not distribute or modify without my authorization


DJ92GTRExtreme (February 11, 2022 @ 15:59)
and sweet aka shift effect and exhaust poop on deceleration (not exhaust fire, some tuned and racer cars not have exhaust fire, full stock car never have exhaust fire only damaged engine and fail), some dev duplicate hon_s2k_e file or EA just try make remixed sound and result is confused sound, is very crazy thing nobody know the strange reason to EA make that weird idea and decision, sorry for delayed response bro

DJ92GTRExtreme (February 11, 2022 @ 15:51)
@senpaidarken Idk,but EA had plans to use .tmx files in carbon and change audio system like Pro Street, for some reason about rushed development they give up and just use the old audio system, is just my theory some games change audio system and others stuffs on new versions and new gen, maybe is possible to add some resources from pro street and undercover on game without scripts,hon_s2k_d uses wrong .gin file aka dyno accel/decel

senpaidarken (January 23, 2022 @ 16:54)
Silly EA didn't knowed that hon_s2k_d in Carbon is same as hon_s2k_e. Basically they just copy-pasted the hon_s2k_e and rename it as hon_s2k_d with the actual s2k_d abk, which resulted with a hon_s2k_e copy-paste that uses the incorrect abk (hon_s2k_d abk).

Uploaded at: October 28, 2020 @ 02:44