NFSC Hon_s2k_d Fix by DJ92GTREXTREME

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NFSC Hon_s2k_d Fix


Hey What's up guys, this mod fix wrong port made by EA,and restores .Gin Hon_s2k_d(also called 2f2f Honda s2000 maybe with supercharger centrifugal) sound like Brian's Lancer Evo II on Movie

-Open VLT 4.6,select NFS Carbon folder,Ctrl + I -> select the archive (NFSC Hon_s2k_d.nfsms),save and enjoy :)
-Honda S2000 Tuned uses correct abk(Gin File is from the NFSMW, I include in this mod,how to install:Copy and Past to GIn Folder (Sound->Engine->Gin)
-2005/2006 Lotus Elise 111R has new Sound and 1993 Nissan 240 SX uses Leftover sound from NFSU2

-Please Backup you archives first;
-Do you have any problems or bugs tell me in the comments

VLT 4.6 by NFS 360

-You can modify it for your only own use
-Do not distribute or modify without my authorization


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Uploaded at: October 28, 2020 @ 02:44