Porsche Cayman S (987) - Unlimiter Support by EllisRacing

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Porsche Cayman S (987) - Unlimiter Support

Update 7/2022: Updated website link

Porsche Cayman S (987) with Unlimiter Support
Mod by EllisRacing for Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Part of the 987 mod project for NFSMW
Current Version: 2.1

--Mod info--
This mod adds many new customization options to the vanilla Cayman S!

For more detailed info:

YouTube showcase:

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v2.1 (Dec 2020, latest) - Update with Unlimiter Support
- added back vanilla kit 5 and moved new one to kit 6
- added many new customization options as supported by NFSMW Unlimiter
- added back interior customization as add-on parts
- created car-specific language strings for add-on parts, in all languages
- created install & uninstall scripts for Binary

v2.0 (Nov 2020) - Remake & re-release
- re-worked from scratch
- removed ModLoader support
- moved works kit to separate add-on car
- moved RUF kit to separate add-on car
- refined and improved 3D model for the game's art style
- removed interior parts for body kits
- added back original vanilla parts and LODs

v1.1 (Apr 2017) - First update
- fixed headlight textures
- fixed exhaust positions
- added Shift 2 Works kit

v1 (Apr 2017) - Original release

How to install
- No VltEd required
- This mod will break existing save games. You must create a new one.

Tools Required:
- Binary v2: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/1638
- NFSMW Unlimiter v3: https://nfsmods.xyz/mod/688

1) Launch Binary, select "for users" option.
2) Select "caymans.end" file included in the download.
3) Navigate to your NFSMW directory.
4) When prompted, select "Install".

To uninstall:
1) Repeat steps 1-3 above.
2) When prompted, select "Uninstall".


Djet0954 (September 27, 2023 @ 14:40)
@UncleWaja I think it's ok!

UncleWaja (June 06, 2021 @ 06:24)
Mod works perfectly except for an issue with installing the text for add on parts. Heres the error Binary throws out after installing the mod. Any idea why ?

Endscript : F:\Need For Speed Series\Need For Speed Most Wanted Black Edition\987\caymans.end
06/06/2021 14:20
File: Strings\English.end, Line: 5
Command: [new negate Languages\English.bin]
Error: File LANGUAGES\ENGLISH.BIN is already loaded in the database

[Deleted Account] (January 03, 2021 @ 11:43)
@PorscheDudeGT3 make the following update available to the Driver and License Plate feature

PorscheDudeGT3 (December 20, 2020 @ 19:50)
@SpySappinMyDispenser directly replaces the vanilla!

SpySappinMyDispenser (December 18, 2020 @ 16:18)
Amazing mod. Is it a separated car or it directly replaces the vanilla?


Uploaded at: November 17, 2020 @ 03:40