Simple night mod by NFSMWFAN

Category: Miscellaneous | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Simple night mod


This is my very first mod I am uploading here!

This mod replaces the evening sky with my custom night mod to somewhat give a simple day and night effect

And unlike the others you need not need to tweak the visual treatment settings and all to experience this mod.

Just read the instructions given in the text file(if u don't know how to install or if u know means just install the script)and enjoy the mod!


-(idk if this is really a bug or not) I can't able to change the sun's colour! I might get help and fix it soon.

-If u have others(probably nothing), just let me know in the comments.



-NFS Vlted 4.6 by nfsu360

-Myself (NFSMWFAN aka N4SRazer) for changing the attributes


NFSMWFAN (November 24, 2020 @ 07:11)
@RTN14: Somewhere? Then maybe I have search upon it.

RTN14 (November 24, 2020 @ 06:46)
hmm change Sun Texture, probably somewhere in Global file, idk i never change sun collour :l

NFSMWFAN (November 20, 2020 @ 13:22)
@BadHairDay Ya I also hope for it too!

BadHairDay (November 20, 2020 @ 12:31)
Yeah, like that video you posted. I've no idea how that other guy did it though and I hope that mod from the video gets released at some point (otherwise why make a video at all)

NFSMWFAN (November 20, 2020 @ 06:19)
@RTN14: Do u know how to change the sun's colour?
And anyone can answer if u know how to change the colour of the sun.

Uploaded at: November 18, 2020 @ 04:30