NFSW: Slim UI [25 resolutions, custom scaling, triple monitor support] by Mefius

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NFSW: Slim UI [25 resolutions, custom scaling, triple monitor support]

This is a HUD mod for need for speed world.

I made this mod in order to provide nice looking HUD, with properly scaled HUD elements, that will not get smaller with higher res, they will get bigger instead. That means on small resolutions like 800x600, you'll be able to play more comfortable, without having HUD elements taking 3/4 of your screen. While playing on 4k res, most of the elements won't be tiny (some elements could not get bigger, as they were cut by frame size, invisible borders).

Additionally, there are versions for wider screen ratios like 21:9, 32:9 and triple 16:9 screen support, where speedometer and radar are moved to 16:9 position, having them in center monitor.

This of course had to be done by making 25 different versions of gfx files, not just 1 set. Because of the limitations and how data is written and read by game, that means game source code and gfx action scripts (I'm not a magician, that would alter game code or I just don't have enough knowledge about gfx files and I'm missing something)

I also made version called "Universal lite", which has modified action script with applied custom scaling. That could be used by servers or people with unusual screen resolution.
Instead of having scale variable set with hard value, it uses formula of 0,078125 * stage.width, where stage.width is value of your screen resolution width.
Unfortunately, it applies only to InstrumentCluster (speedometer, radar). So those items will custom scale, being smaller with lowering resolution, while rest will get bigger like in default case. I haven't found a way to set scale to rest of the HUD items.

Styling is more neutral in terms of colors, rather than full blue. Elements arrangement is more in classic NFS style (radar on the left, speedo on the right). Radar arrow is taken from NFS Undercover and tachometer texture was made with an inspiration of NFS Carbon nos and speedbreaker bar.

1. Copy gfx_tex.bin file to your game GFX folder
2. Find folder with resolution you use in the name
2,5. if you can't find it:
-use the one with your width, not height
-use the universal lite version
-change your resolution
3. Copy gfx files inside to your game GFX folder (only files inside, not a folder)


UPDATE: Updated Universal lite version with modified powerupbuffbar (TH and powerup activated bar), that will prevent vertical movement, in order to not overlap with rest of the hud at higher resolutions.
UPDATE2 (hopefully last):
-replaced commonHUD texture for the borderless
-implemented custom commonHUD for universal lite version, instead of having default one with desaturated coloring
-minor tweaks to universal lite version
UPDATE3 times the charm:
-completely redone from scratch the textures of radar arrow and speedometer background, made it 1024x1024 (default textures are 256x256)

IMPORTANT: If you update your mod to the latest version and you use universal lite, make sure to copy gfx_tex.bin from main folder, as it's just one for every version (instead of having separate for universal lite)


Mefius (November 26, 2020 @ 23:09)
@Wuggrammer, closest thing to analog speedometer you get is White-Red HUD mod by Osprey22. One could also use modified drag hud for instrument cluster, but then you miss whole radar and speedometer, just tacho needle, background and gear indicator. Normally, I don't think it's possible to have analog tachometer with all the rest of features, without alternating game code (or Im missing something).

Wuggrammer (November 23, 2020 @ 16:46)
@Mefius I would recommend analog speedometer with the rest of parts same as this one..Great stuff btw I loved it

trackmaniamatt (November 22, 2020 @ 19:59)
This is awesome! Great work! :D

Mefius (November 20, 2020 @ 14:49)
@ICERIG if a server uses their own gfx modded files, it will force their own HUD mod. Otherwise it should work online. iirc that FRSS uses minimal HUD by terrasphere and UGS uses GT mod by me. NR gives you an option to download their own mod. So at the moment it should work on WU.GG, NR and WEv2(I think).

ICERIG (November 20, 2020 @ 12:30)
Does this mod works with online servers or just offline?

Uploaded at: November 19, 2020 @ 17:50


043b6b-NFSW_SlimUI.7z (Size: 12.29MB) Latest Version
e0ba21-NFSW_SlimUI.7z (Size: 11.76MB) Old Version
150b8d-NFSW_SlimUI.7z (Size: 25.09MB) Old Version