JDM Legends Full Wave (RaTT Overhaul Compatible) by Tekizyte

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JDM Legends Full Wave (RaTT Overhaul Compatible)


Hey all!

This is my first upload to the website so I hope it's received well. Well the title is pretty self-explanatory; I combined both the JDM Legends Packs (1st wave & 2nd wave) by Ti-Sonic and got rid of most of the issues that were originally making them incompatible with each other. They also have been made compatible with RaTT's Overhaul Mod. If you want to install it for the vanilla game instead just follow the 2 simple steps in the "FOR VANILLA GAME.txt". Keep in mind that during the Vlt-ED step you will see some SPEED LIMITER errors after the modscript installation, they mean nothing so move on :D. Total no. of cars in Car Lot is now up to 105.

Thank you to Ti-Sonic for permission of release.

Known Bugs:
If you are gonna use it with a RaTT's Overhaul save file instead of a new one it's fine since it works with any save but keep in mind that the 3 cars (EVO VIII, AUDI A4, GALLARDO) will load infinitely; it won't crash the game though. I'll try to find the fix for that soon but it happens due to conflict with the Overhaul mod.

Any newly found bugs can be reported here in the comments or to my discord -> Tekizyte#7777

Have fun! :D


pr83 (January 09, 2022 @ 13:09)
@Manuu8192 Hey man can you maybe share the Ed files for those 3 cars? Thanks

pr83 (December 20, 2021 @ 05:03)
Would appreciate an updated binary compliant package. Thanks

Manuu8192 (July 10, 2021 @ 03:20)
@Tekizyte for the RaTT Overhaul if you create config files to load with ed for the cars it stops them from infinite loading, at least for the Gallardo and the Evo VIII, gonna try if I can modify and/or race them. I'm still on the look for a workaround for the A4, since it doesn't even displays the manufacturer correctly

Tekizyte (March 02, 2021 @ 13:00)
@Akumajogi Contact me on Discord Tekizyte#2991 so I can help you out.

Akumajogi (March 01, 2021 @ 08:24)
Hey @Tekizyte I ran into a problem where i followed the Install Very Carefully...... and They installed..... but they show up as Default Strand and perma load and if i try to buy them well it crashes my Game