NFS MW - HD Police Decals by Ariso

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NFS MW - HD Police Decals

NFS MW - HD Police Decals
(By Ariso)

How to install:
- Replace the folders In the 'CARS' folder (make sure to make some backups!)

- Initial release

- Added compatibility with "Beta Cop Cruiser Recreations" mod by C0mmunityMindedMiner

- Added compatibility with the NIS (busted cutscenes). Thanks Splash45 for the heads up!
- (OPTIONAL) Added HD "temp350" logo for giggles
- Added Croc- I meant.. Cross texture In HD by taking it's texture from Carbon

V2.1 - Quick fixes:
- All "POLICE" texts and phone signs are now asymmetric!
(Note that, some of them might look curvy but that's because of the car itself)
- The optional HD "temp350" is now asymmetric!
- The white texture from the trunk of the GTO has been fixed!
- The "POLICE" texture from GTO's fender has been redone to better quality!

- Fixed one vanilla bug with the GTO's hood! (The texture not fitting exactly on the hood)
- Adjusted Cross'"POLICE" because they we're too big
- Adjusted some other letters to make them 100% acccurate to the vanilla ones

- Added compatibility with the "Beta Content" mod by Elaymm4! (OPTIONAL)
(You might be a bit skeptical about it, but some vehicles DO actually have differences)
- Removed the jaggyness of the Phone sign
- Removed other jaggy thing on the "K-9" sign of the Rhino
- Moved some of the "POLICE" letters to make them fit more with the vanilla texts.
- Improved the Eagle's wings sign to make them more similar to the original
- Fixed a vanilla bug about the textures placement for the Eagle signs on the Cross'/Heat 5 Corvettes.
(You might be a bit skeptical about it, but some vehicles DO actually have differences)

V4 - Quick fixes:
- Beta Cross' vinyl is now more yellow and the color is more of a grey instead of black.
- The COPGTO hood vinyl was adjusted on the left, to fit it's right side.

V4.1 - Quick fixes:
- Redone the Heat 5 vinyl.
(When i begun working on it for the first time, I messed up the layers and so i deleted all the changes, my bad :()
- Fixed some mirrored Eagle signs on the GTO. Thanks Avalanche for the heads up!
- Fixed other jaggy letters
- Adjusted Beta Cross' vinyl to fit more it's Intro color. Thanks Aven for the help!

First of all, my apologies that I forgot to include the COPGTO (facepalm)
- Added the COPGTO back
- Adjusted the Phone signs to make them more similar to the Vanilla ones.
- Adjusted the Optional HD 'TEMP350' textures

V5.1 (
- Slight compatiblity with the 1.1 update for BCM,AKA: Beta Content Mod by Elaymm4 and hot fixes)
- The new chopper has a higher livery texture from 128x to 512x
Edit: I accidentally Included the 'GEOMETRY' file from the old version of BCM for the Heat 1, thus It replaced the Beta vehicles into the vanilla ones :/
And apparently, some textures from the vanilla 'copmidisize' have been mixed Into the Beta Heat 1 cop car.
Right now everything has been fixed, thank you Splash45 for helping me about them.
It will require to be re-install it again, my apologies.

- A̶ ̶n̶e̶w̶ ̶b̶a̶n̶n̶e̶r̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶n̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶o̶d̶
- Fixed (again) textures from the Beta midsize from the "replace the files" option.
- Removed useless junk files from 'COPGTO'
- COPGTO, COPSPORT & COPSPORTHENCH we're previously in incorrect resolution, Instead of 2048

Credits to elaymm4 for pointing out these!

V6.1 (Hot Fixes)
- Fixed an texture Issue that made the Heat 1 cop car transparent. Thanks to again to Elaymm4 for Reporting it and Vee for fixing it for me (I Am sick of Covid, So I couldn't use the PC)

Q: Can I use your mod In a Modpack?
A: Ask me privately for permission. You are NOT allowed to charge money off any of my mods however.

A: Can I showcase your mod in a Youtube video?
Yes, you can. Just leave my mod link and credit me.

Black Box for the Original textures
nfsu360 for creating TexEd
Rick Brewster for creating Paint.NET
C0mmunityMindedMiner - for agreeing to make his mod compatible with my textures!
Elaymm4 - for agreeing to make his mod compatible with my textures!
And You for downloading my mod!

Known problems so far:
The Heat 5 Corvette has the "RPD" letters squished a bit (again, probably the model itself i guess)
Same thing with Cross Corvette, the "RPD" letters looks squished.

Hopefully these can be fixed In a future update.

Notes: If my fucking monitor wouldn't be a bitch, and die 3 times - then I could've post these earlier.
Please CREDIT me if You share the mod somewhere on a modding page.
For the best quality, these have been Manually done and not Upscaled with other programs.

Holy smokes, 112 downloads!! Thanks a lot!


Ariso (May 05, 2021 @ 21:03)
@NFSUSER - I don't speak Spanish, so I would ask you to please speak in English with me.
Now, first of... not so certain if you mean to "Remaster" the traffic cars. But if you meant so - This has been already worked on together with an bunch of friends, along myself (for a small contribution)

So if you want some slight improved Traffic cars, please check this link by my Friend Aven

NFSUSER (May 05, 2021 @ 16:14)
Sería mejor mejorar el vinilo para camiones, taxis, nada más Buen humor (me siento algo satisfecho)⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ariso (January 04, 2021 @ 23:59)
@Avalnche In fact... nvm. I forgot that i messed with other vanilla textures from different copies.
(Jeez, i should be more organized!) i'll take a double look at it, if it does happen to look off - I will do an hotfix

Ariso (January 04, 2021 @ 14:16)
@Avalanche thanks a lot for the suggestion, I've took a look at it seems to be intentional.

If you have an comparation to show me, You can contact me on Discord ( A̷r̵i̴s̴t̵o̵t̷e̵l̶2̸0̸0̶3̵#6875 ) to talk more about it in greater detail if you wish.

Avalanche (January 04, 2021 @ 03:11)
I think the RPD badge/logo on the GTO is improperly mirrored, the text is backwards on the left door.

Uploaded at: December 15, 2020 @ 00:31


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