NFSC HD Vinyls [v2.1] by Aero_

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed: Carbon

NFSC HD Vinyls [v2.1]

These textures have not been upscaled with AI or filtered through Photoshop. These are the original vector vinyls rendered in 2048 resolution. The remaining raster (precompiled) vinyls were either replaced with 2048 counterparts, or faithfully remade using vector assets. The end result gives a massive boost in quality to all vinyls used in the game.

In addition, the dummy textures for vectors were using 1-bit alpha channels. After correcting this error, some vinyls now have a visible drop shadow that previously couldn't be seen. These drop shadows are also present in the console version, so what you see is exactly what the developers intended.

Always backup your files before replacing them.

1. Install 4GB Patch: Download
2. Download Binary v2.5.5 or newer.
3. Launch Binary and select "User Mode".
4. Open INSTALL.end with Binary and follow the instructions.
5. Binary may appear to freeze. Give it time to complete the installation.
6. Enjoy!

  • Added an uninstall option.
  • Full sized dummy textures are used again for stability with NFSCO.
  • Added a recommendation to install the 4GB Patch to the instructions.
  • Updated Ultimate-ASI-Loader (dinput8.dll).
  • Binary will no longer replace "dinput8.dll" if the file already exists.
  • Removed the experimental 4096 option due to instability.

  • Added an option for 4096 (vector) vinyls.
  • Installation is now done entirely through Binary.
  • Reduced dummy size by over 99 percent!
  • Download size reduced by over 50 percent!

  • Fixed crashing with standalone ExpandMemoryPools script.
  • NFSC Unlimiter is no longer required.

  • Added instructions to install NFSC Unlimiter to solve flickering issue.

  • All files have been edited with Binary instead of NFS-TexEd.
  • Removed archive password.

  • Aero_ : Creator of NFSC HD Vinyls.
  • ThirteenAG: Creator of Ultimate-ASI-Loader.
  • SpeedyHeart: Sharing information that made this possible.
  • nlgzrgn & berkay: Information used for ExpandMemoryPools.
  • EA Black Box: Based on their original design and art.
  • MaxHwoy: Binary.


Ariso (May 25, 2021 @ 22:59)
Great job as always Aero_!
Can't wait to put my PC over some bit of 'stress' with 4K liveries, heh.

Ariso (May 25, 2021 @ 22:57)
@Vlad575 Hi there, I might have what you would just look for. Maybe not 2048 but a pretty significant Improvement I Might say.
Check out this link

Vlad575 (February 26, 2021 @ 12:30)
Speaking of police vinyls, is it possible to recreate them in 2048x too?

Vlad575 (February 21, 2021 @ 18:22)
Thank you so much for the 2K vinyls. Is it possible to get Darius vinyl from Toyota Supra in .dds ?? And camouflage vinyls in the same form? It would be just top!

Is it possible to do this kind of magic with vinyls from NFS Pro Street ??

Gabrielz98 (January 15, 2021 @ 18:37)
Thanks! Thats pretty nice, the old low res vinyls were totally out of place and ruined the aestethics of the cars