NFSC HD Vinyls [v3.0] by Aero_

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NFSC HD Vinyls [v3.0]

These textures have not been upscaled with AI or filtered through Photoshop. These are the original vector vinyls rendered in 4096 resolution. The remaining raster vinyls were either replaced with 4096 counterparts, or faithfully remade using vector assets. The end result gives a massive boost in quality to all vinyls used in the game.

In addition, the dummy textures for vectors were using 1-bit alpha channels. After correcting this error, some vinyls now have a visible drop shadow that previously couldn't be seen. These drop shadows are also present in the console version, so what you see is exactly what the developers intended.

Always backup your files before replacing them.

1. Apply 4GB Patch to NFSC.exe:
2. Download Binary v2.8.3 or newer.
3. Launch Binary and select "User Mode".
4. Open INSTALL.end with Binary and follow the instructions.
5. Binary may appear to freeze. Give it time to complete.


1. Download Binary v2.8.3 or newer.
2. Launch Binary and select "User Mode".
3. Open UNINSTALL.end with Binary and follow the instructions.
4. Binary may appear to freeze. Give it time to complete.


Q: What are "vector" vinyls?
A: These are textures that are rendered in real-time. They're mostly used for player-made vinyls.

Q: What are "raster" vinyls?
A: These are textures that have been pre-rendered. They're mostly used for crew members and vehicles featured in the Challenge Series events.

Q: Why does the game lag when loading vinyls?
A: This typically occurs for more complex vinyls because of the amount of time it takes to render them. Try using a lower vector resolution, such as 2048 or 1024.

Q: What does NFSCHDVinyls.asi do?
A: It expands the necessary memory pools for HD Vinyls. This should be compatible with NFSC Unlimiter and NFSC Limit Adjuster, but I can't make any guarantees.

  • Remade NFSC HD Vinyls from the ground up.
  • Corrected several errors that the raster vinyls had.
  • 4K vector vinyls have been re-added.
  • 4K raster vinyls are now included.
  • Users can now select vector and raster resolutions separately.
  • Replaced ExpandMemoryPools.asi with NFSCHDVinyls.asi.

  • Aero_ : Creator of NFSC HD Vinyls.
  • ThirteenAG: Creator of Ultimate-ASI-Loader.
  • SpeedyHeart: Sharing information that made this possible.
  • EA Black Box: Based on their original artwork.


Johan007 (August 09, 2023 @ 01:55)
it was just applying the 4 GB patch... sorry.

Johan007 (August 09, 2023 @ 01:47)
And another thing, with Texmod it doesn't work at all for me

Johan007 (August 09, 2023 @ 00:56)
The old version works for me, but this new version 3.0 doesn't work at all, when I open the career mode of the game, the game closes by itself.

TheBadSina (July 15, 2023 @ 21:14)
@Aero pls fix this thing...keep crashing when i want to race and that's because this mod somehow incompatible with nfsc remastered ui mod

LBPPlayer7 (May 01, 2023 @ 21:29)
prostreet when