NFS World SlimUI Desaturated Theme by Mefius

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NFS World SlimUI Desaturated Theme

Desaturated version of SlimUI for NFS World.


Into your GFX game folder
1. Copy gfx files and gfx_tex.bin into GFX game folder
2. choose event leaderboard files from leaderboard folder (use small version for 720p and below)
3. choose powerup console file from powerup console folder (use large for resolutions above 1080p)
4. choose top panel from top panel folder
-low res for 720p and below
-standard for up to 1440p
-high res for above 1440p
5. Copy colored minimap route files from _Minimap Files folder

Additional flasher remover in _optional - no flashers folder


Update: Tacho numbers
For Real Final Update: Removed orange "good shift" area that were just static coloring for redline-1000, now it has proper perfect start zone during race

Final final update: Optimized and cleaned action script from unecessary code. If there was any fps hit before, now it should be minimized.


Wugrammer (January 02, 2021 @ 16:44)
Few weeks ago I had asked you for this and now here it is! Well done mate you're an absolute legend :D

Uploaded at: January 02, 2021 @ 00:38


9bab0e-NFSW_SlimUIdesataturated.7z (Size: 12.11MB) Latest Version
4c667e-NFSW_SlimUIdesataturated.7z (Size: 12.11MB) Old Version
a34a20-NFSW_SlimUIdesataturated.7z (Size: 12.11MB) Old Version