BMW M3 GTR V8 FPC Sound Mod by The_Unpunished

Category: Sounds | Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

BMW M3 GTR V8 FPC Sound Mod

--BMW M3 GTR V8 Flat Plane Crank Sound Mod--
This mod introduces new sound for the BMW M3 GTR (both street and race versions).
  • New whine sound (keep in mind that it REPLACES the gearbox whine sound for all cars!);
  • Separate sounds for both street and race versions;
  • Does not replace the TVR Cerbera sound (apart from the whine, if you choose so).
  • Put the files from your desired version (with or without the whine) into the game folder;
  • Run import the .nfsms script, save the results;
  • Enjoy!
Known issues:
  • Razor's AI's M3 GTR does not load the audio, he is completely silent, apart from barely hearable whine;
  • Sometimes the game loses the audio completely when it has several M3 GTR's in the race (fixes until game restart).
Tools used:
  • GIN and ABK en/decoders for encoding the files for the game;
  • Audacity for audio editing;
  • Adobe Premiere and OBS for recording and editing the audio.
Sound based on:
Lotus Esprit V8 (Forza Horizon 4).
Audio preview for both games presets


Tommybmw90009 (May 04, 2021 @ 14:40)
And bro! thanks to the whine style you get it like from nfs heat style keep it up ❤️🔥

Tommybmw90009 (May 04, 2021 @ 14:39)
Yo bro how did you extract the audio to gin? i know how to extract the abk files my problem is the gin's? can you help me?

PhanTimo01 (January 04, 2021 @ 18:25)
Tried it out now dude. That whine is dope. Sounds close to the NFS heat version.