NFSMW/C SpikeStrips by SpeedLiteX

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NFSMW/C SpikeStrips

Spike strips damage cops but not damage racers

Open VltEd
Click -> Import -> ModScript
Click to - Install
Click - Save

Sorry for my English

NFS VltEd v4.6 by nfsu360


NFSMWFAN (January 13, 2021 @ 12:45)
Nice mod XD

PhanTimo01 (January 04, 2021 @ 16:11)
Sorry dumb question. I can just remove all code that updates the pvehicle node. No worries. And Thank you!

PhanTimo01 (January 04, 2021 @ 16:09)
Is there a way to make it affect both? to make the game fair?