Anti Spikestrip Patch - NFSMW2012 by DanZeeManz / Danz

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Anti Spikestrip Patch - NFSMW2012

To give context, a while ago Enksx1 and I created a mod that restores the cut "Spikestrip Weapon" which was
leftover from early betas of the game. This mod was either leaked out of our hands, and or re-created, and now
is being abused in multiplayer. This mod aims to fix that, rendering spikes useless against people who use
the mod. (No more getting taken down)

- Removes the Hitbox for multiplayer spikestrips! (Won't affect singleplayer cop spikestrips)
- Bundle modification

1) Make a backup of the WEAPONS folder in "NFSMW2012 Directory"/GAMELOGIC/
2) Move the "GAMELOGIC" folder into your Need for Speed Most Wanted Directory.
3) Boot the game, enjoy.


belixil36 (October 09, 2021 @ 18:32)
And let's say I'm not a player in the multiplayer version of this game, but only in the single-player version, then this mod will fully work in a single-player game or not? I mean, can I smash the cops with these spikes from your mod? If not, could you make it work completely in single player? Please. I want to take revenge on the Chevrolet Corvette cops! 😈

Stamp05 (September 15, 2021 @ 00:16)
Hello, what a good mod, but how Is It activated with what key or command?

DanZeeManz (January 08, 2021 @ 17:23)
Thanks Defy! Sure, I just posted a guide and some information about it on the steam community.

DeFy (January 07, 2021 @ 01:56)
Maybe is a good idea post this in the MW12 Steam Community, btw awsome mod!!

Uploaded at: January 07, 2021 @ 00:47