McLaren F1 GT [ADDON] by 89OverdriveYT,Shnoog

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McLaren F1 GT [ADDON]

Since this mod was outdated, and Shnoog was offline when i sent him a permission, i decided to upload it directly.

McLaren F1 GT [ADDON]

Model, Performance data, by Shnoog

Converted to addon by 89Overdrive.

The original mod can be found here:

Features the same as Shnoog's F1 GT But can be added instead of replacing a Corvette.

Disclaimer: I Don't own the mod, this belongs to the original authors

Model from Forza Motorsport 2-3

Tools used:

VltEd by nfsu360 for MWPS Data collecting and modscript making

Notepad for the ED Config and the modscript making.

NfsCarToolKit by nfsu360 for the XNAME Renaming.

Ed the Car Dealer by nlgzrgn.

TexEd by nfsu360 for Frontend file extraction

You are not allowed to upload the mod at other website without my permission.


Shnoog for the mod

Turn 10 Studios for the Mesh and model

89Overdrive for the car conversion to an Addon

You for downloading it.

Installation in the archive

[btw this is my first mod uploaded in in December, and decided to upload it here]


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Uploaded at: January 12, 2021 @ 09:35