Volkswagen Scirocco R (ADDON) by WF4123, YochiThMaster333

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Volkswagen Scirocco R (ADDON)


Volkswagen Scirocco R
by YochiThMaster333 (AKA: Nicolay), converted by WF4123 (Me).
Converted from Forza Motorsport 4
Version 1.0.0


Can be Customized with:
Body kits (including liveries, licence plates and more.), Front Bumpers, Rear Bumpers, Side Skirts (including roll cages), Hoods (including hatch spoilers), Spoilers, Wheels, Vinyls.
Other features: NFSUC male driver.
Performances (copied from r32).


  • 1. Run Vlt-Ed as Admin.
  • 2. Click, File, and Import as modscript.
  • 3. Find sciroccorinstall.nfsms in this mod directory.
  • 4. Click Install button.
  • 5. Close Vlt-Ed.

Binary Method:
  • 1. Run Binary as Admin.
  • 2. Click User Mode Button.
  • 3. Find sciroccorinstall.end in Binary Install Folder.
  • 4. And install it.
  • 5. Done and close it.

Ed Method:
  • 1. Copy of these folders from your Ed folder.
  • 2. Run Ed as Admin.
  • 3. Search NFSC directory on your pc.
  • 4. Install it.
  • 5. Save and unlock memory files.
  • 6. Close Ed.

Tool Used

Binary 2.5.5 (by Maxhwoy)
NFSMW Unlimiter and Ed the Car Dealer (by nlgzrgn)
NFS Car Toolkit (by nfsu360)
TexEd (by nfsu360)
VLT-Ed (by nfsu360)

Supported mods

Unlimiter if you installed mod with Ed or Binary
If you like to replace R32, Link:


MaxHwoy - Binary
YochiThMaster333 - That literally car to replace this car.
nlgzrgn - Ed the Car Dealer and Unlimter
nfsu360 - That tool
WF4123 (Me) - Converting replace car to addon



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