Corvette Z06 Taillight Pack by carmaniac959

Category: Textures | Game: Need for Speed 2015

Corvette Z06 Taillight Pack

Feel like your C6 build is missing some final touches? Give it a nice set of taillights.
Introducing the Z06 Taillight Pack!

This pack comes with three different taillight designs for the Z06:
- Dotted Ring
- Afterburner (2 versions, one retains the center reflectors in the lights)
- Solid Ring

These designs replace the default C6 taillights, which means only one can be used at a time. Choose the one you like best.

Installation details in readme.

This is my first mod for a game ever. Wanted some LED Halo-like rings for my C6 but none were out there, so I made my own. Played around with different designs trying to figure out what texture file controlled what. Liked these three designs and thought I'd release these for those who want custom lights for their C6s. I'm sure there's better taillight mods out there, but these look pretty dang slick when you're out cruising the night lit streets.


godeless (September 18, 2022 @ 04:40)
How to make tail lights or headlights? Can you please answer.

carmaniac (May 06, 2021 @ 20:23)
@Zafictus Whenever I find time I'd be more then willing to give it a shot. I do want to try more texture modding eventually so I'll keep the STi in mind.

Zafictus (April 12, 2021 @ 22:00)
could you make tail lights for the subaru wrx sti? the white ones look horrible. I have seen some red with white only the middle. Those rock! And tinted ones

Uploaded at: January 17, 2021 @ 02:57