Paul Walker's Toyota Supra (Fast & Furious) Vinyl mod by AlanGamer456

Category: Vinyls | Game: Need for Speed: Underground

Paul Walker's Toyota Supra (Fast & Furious) Vinyl mod

Hey all! This is a mod for NFS Underground containing a vinyl of Brian 'O Conner (Paul Walker)'s Toyota Supra from The Fast & Furious Movie.

Instructions on how to install MOD (optional cuz I have already left these in README.txt file in the .rar file):

1. Extract the .rar file.
2. Copy the VINYLS.bin file.
3. Open your NFS Underground Directory.
4. Select the folder "Cars".
5. Open the folder "SUPRA"
6. Replace the file.
7. Done! The mod's installed

Where to find the vinyl INGAME:
Start Screen>Customize Ride>Toyota Supra>Vinyls>Manufacturer>Jackson Racing

-nfsu360 for making NFS-TexEd

NOTE: The Vinyl files have already been imported into the VINYLS.bin file, so that you don't have to waste time on importing it manually.


AlanGamer456 (January 28, 2021 @ 04:54)
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Uploaded at: January 27, 2021 @ 13:08