NFS 2015 Enhanced Rubberbanding AI mod by Cheetah Hunter

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NFS 2015 Enhanced Rubberbanding AI mod


By Cheetah_Hunter

Version 1: AI can catch up but not challenging enough

Version 2: AI are have been revamped to make the races challenging and tough. They will fight you, try to overtake, and keep you on the edge at times.....
Don't get scared if you're falling behind at first, keep consistent and you can claw your way through the entire pack xD

Instruction for Version 2:
1. Put Hard+ only to play game with increased difficulty....
if its not enough and you want faster AI......
2. then use engine limit raise WITH the hard+ mod together!!!

Affected game modes:
1. Races : this mod was mainly focused on the races
2. Touge: the drifters do run faster now
3. Drift train: Faster running AI tho aggressive, so might get bashed a lot....cant fix that sorry

The drift scores and scoring system remain unchanged as I have not been able to modify them so far.....My deduction is its all server sided so I cant really change that :(

NOTE: Using this mod alongside handling overhaul may however create unexpected situations and instability on the don't blame me as i worked it on the vanilla handling of the game.....hope that can be achieved later......

Good Luck!


MViniciusDh (May 03, 2024 @ 18:52)
Awesome mod, make bots really challenging. Thanks for sharing, homie!

CheetahHunter (November 10, 2021 @ 13:21)
the details to how i made this mod is explained in a comment below, please refer to that....

CheetahHunter (November 10, 2021 @ 13:16)
@m4n4ever yes this mod was fully made by me. I have only worked with NFS 15 only. I recently got NFS heat so might check that out, and i dont have payback so dont really know. However, try Project unite for NFS Heat as they already improved the AI.

m4n4ever (October 27, 2021 @ 10:13)
Hey, how you created this mod if you created it and if so, is there possible way to have these kind of changes in Payback and Heat because Ghost Games have always bad AI both cops and racers apart from Rivals?

Y3021462253 (August 11, 2021 @ 15:29)
I haven’t used mod before. After I discovered it, it was just like Columbus discovered the New World. Your work made EA failed. nfs2015 will become a remake of nfs9.

Uploaded at: February 02, 2021 @ 18:16