NFS World ENB series Mod by Mefius

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NFS World ENB series Mod

ENB series mod for NFS World

Originally posted on EA forums back in 2014, very hard to find these days. I do not remember the original author.
Also originally had stronger effect, which made UI too bright. I toned it down by about 33%, by editing colorpalette.
The only thing that it does is color correction, makes colors more vibrant and contrasted. All rest of the effects are disabled.
Without visual treatment, eliminates "desaturated" tint on paint, with visual treatment, to a degree, eliminates washed out blue color.

Additionally provides:
-fps counter by pressing multiply (* character)
-Shift+F12 disables/enables effect
-divide (/ character) makes screenshot in bmp format, saved inside game files folder (needs to be in place without admin privileges required)

Originally, screenshots were made by printscreen button, but then It produced both bmp and default in jpg, inside documents.

If you want to have your own keybindings, inside enbseries.ini, theres an [INPUT] section, where you can apply KeyCodes (search for table KeyCode)

Installation: copy all the files into your game client folder.

Should be online safe, but as always you're using it at your own risk!

Update: Changed screenshot keybind (for enb, not game default) to "Numpad -" . The "Numpad /" automatically opened chat window.

Update 2: Optional palette in _Optional folder, more vibrant colors for Visual treatment off.


Wugrammer (February 10, 2021 @ 04:49)
Amazing job once more.
My suggestion for future mods-
Partial motion blur (as the partial visualtreatment is already here). Enabling the blur right now just spoils the feel of the game and disabling it doesn't make much difference but having even 25% of what it is now would be perfect

K4LI (February 08, 2021 @ 21:30)
Never mind. Just can't use Enable shadow (that was the reason)

K4LI (February 08, 2021 @ 21:14)
I have a question: what to do to not have a white rectangle when you turn on the menu (ESC), the News window (N key) and while in the lobby.